Saturday, August 26, 2006

The Weekend News

I don't know how I did this to myself, but I seem to have scheduled every single second of this weekend, except for last night, when, after a week of getting five hours of sleep and working 14 hrs/day, I fell asleep at 9:30pm. Awesome.

At least it's somewhat split between the good and the bad - both mornings I'll be at work from 9-1, but this afternoon I'm meeting up with ten of my closest friends to imbibe and be belligerent inside a movie theater, which I haven't done since I was a teenager, then grab dinner, imbibe some more and be belligerent at a party, which I haven't done since, like, last week. Tomorrow, work, then Take Two at a trip to Udvar-Hazy to see the test space shuttle - so apropos, as a real shuttle will be taking off at 4:30pm tomorrow in Florida. I'm hoping the museum erupts in a loud ten-second countdown at 4:29:50, but Christopher thinks I shouldn't hold my breath.

I'm at work waiting for my two new temps to arrive, so I was just reading through the news and saw two things:

Headline I Thought I'd Never See: Hezbollah launches boy band to stardom

Is this the sign the apocalypse has finally arrived? I think it might be.

The second is from an article on full-body swimsuits designed to keep women ashamed of their bodies and, also, keep us from filling men with sexual desire, thus distracting them from their godly duties, as we are wont to do. The author, thank goodness, is hilariously tongue-in-cheek.
The company has found a following among older women who like to wear the suits for water aerobics, larger women who prefer more coverage poolside and women whose husbands like to act as fashion consultants.
I highly recommend the rest of the article, if only for the picture of the poor girl who's going to have a serious farmer's tan at the end of the summer.

Update: I just realized that swimsuit article is by Robin Givhan, the hack who gave away the ending of the Project Runway season premiere. Boo.


At 1:03 PM, August 26, 2006, Blogger G. said...

OMG! And the third sign is Elton John vows to make hip-hop record.

I'm totally unprepared for the rapture or whatever!

At 2:08 PM, August 26, 2006, Blogger Lily Graypure said...

No matter how fat I get. . . if I ever become so insecure/stupid as to believe something like that is hiding anything, shoot me.

At 9:55 PM, August 28, 2006, Blogger Roonie said...

Imbibe is an awesome word. I love the usage.


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