Sunday, October 01, 2006

Always Bring Your Camera

Yesterday morning as I was on my way to work, I threw my camera in my purse becaue I was going to a social engagement straight from the office. I ended up not using it, but you know, I like to carry it around when I can. This morning, getting ready for work (ugh) I switched purses and thought, eh, I'm probably going to have to bail on all the plans I had today, so I didn't put my camera in my bag.

As I approach 17th and Rhode Island, I see that RI is blocked off with police cars and sleek black sedans. Pedestrians were allowed through, so I kept walking down and saw a slew of press cameras set up across the street from St. Matthew Catherdral. As I walked past I asked one of them who was supposed to be there today, and he said, "Red Mass, the Supreme Court..." Red Mass! I had no idea that was today.

So even though I'm late (I meant to get here at's after 9:30 now), I decided to stop and Justice Watch for a little while. I overheard one of the cameraman say that they were "just waiting on the one," so I guess I missed most of them.

Then a dark blue sedan rolls up and out pops...Sandra Day! Certainly not my #1 Justice, but hey, it was way better than Scalia or something. And anyway, it was one of the Supremes! I know I live in Washington, but I don't work or otherwise spend any time on the Hill, and rarely eat in expensive restaurants, so my chances of running into one of the Robed are few and far between.

But of course, I didn't have my camera.

However, if you see her on the news tonight walking into the cathedral, you can imagine me standing right behind those cameras, heh.


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