Monday, October 30, 2006

Everyone's Watching

The other day I was hanging out at Solly's, chatting on and off with the bartender, who I don't remember seeing there before. Out of nowhere he asks, "Did you come in here the other day and walk out?" And, like, yeah, I did actually. Sommer and I had walked in but the downstairs was packed and the upstairs, while a little less than half-full, was so quiet you could literally hear a pin drop. So yeah, we just turned around and left. Apparently people noticed.

A little later that evening, the owner comes by to chat, and out of nowhere he suddenly asks, "So, do you have a blog?" Ha! Remember when I said I was getting google hits for "Solly's U Street Tavern" like crazy? Apparently some of those were him, and apparently there's enough information on my blog for him to easily know it's mine. WEIRD. And, hello! I actually had a feeling it might be someone from the bar, because I don't really see people across the city googling the bar all day, but if I owned a new establishment, I would totally google it everyday to see what people were saying. Good thing I was nice, eh?

Earlier this week, I was walking down the street and heard my named called. Across the street I see Kyle, who had been walking my direction, trying to figure out for about a block or so if it was really me over there. Which just reminded me why I don't, you know, pick my nose in public or say things on the blog I wouldn't say in person or basically ever do anything inappropriate because PEOPLE ARE ALWAYS WATCHING.



At 2:15 PM, October 30, 2006, Anonymous roonie said...

Everything I write on my blog are things I would most definitely say in public. Which means my mouth gets me into trouble quite a bit.

At 2:41 PM, October 31, 2006, Blogger reasonably prudent poet said...

interesting. i've gone in the other direction, making my blog as completely anonymous as possible. however, there are a couple of flickr pictures on my site and someone could, feasibly, recognize me, but nobody could ever, like, google my name or the names of anybody i know and find my blog. at least i hope not. anonymity is my friend.

At 4:54 PM, October 31, 2006, Blogger Heather said...

Oh sure, you think you're all anonymous until you talk about that girl sitting in front of you in class, and it turns out she reads your blog.


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