Sunday, October 15, 2006

Fresh Starts

Ah, what a great morning! I'm really excited to start planning things for my new place. And this morning it really all started to come together, because it looks like I've found a roommate! She answered my craigslist ad, which I made kind of specific, since I've got a lot of time to find someone. From her email it sounded like we'd mesh pretty well, and she responded to my response saying she agreed we'd get along and wanted to accept my offer. Whew!

Also, she needs a bed, so I'm going to sell her mine so I can upgrade to a queen size, finally! Now I'll be able to sleep without having to fit diagonally. And forget trying to sleep with someone else; I want to wail in pain at all the back cramps I got trying to do that. So, bed shopping! I also need a couch, so I'll have to drop a bit of dough, but I have the time to go looking for good deals.

My current roommate and I are back to good. We kind of talked out the situation earlier this week and we're both civil people and hate holding grudges, so we'll be fine I think. He's looking for places and I'm sure he'll find something without too much trouble. He wants to stay in the neighborhood, too, so hopefully we can still see each other pretty regularly.

Oh, and my new roommate, who I informed that I'd be subletting my room in Dec-Jan while I was in India, apparently spent a ton of time in India, so I'm excited to get some tips from her. I'm hoping that this trip will kind of serve as a fresh start, too. Partly kind of a meditation, soul-searching, or whatever cheesy description there is when you take a long trip by yourself. And partly as a kickstart to my whithering career. I've been looking for jobs, and one of the senior attorneys I work for asked me if he could help me out, which is great and unexpected. I hope that I can find a new position when I get back in January, but I'm not quite holding my breath. The networking I'm finally doing at my current position will help, because obviously my resume isn't standing out to any employers. But we'll see. I could probably stand to temp a little while longer just to save up a chunk of cash to make up for this moving situation.

But I'm very excited. I'm one of those people that needs change somewhat often, and for a little while I was contemplating leaving DC to force some change, but that's not really want I want right now. The move, the trip, and the reinvigorated job search will do me just fine for now.


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