Wednesday, October 04, 2006

You've got to be kidding me...

Like my roommate said, this is just phenomenal, and I feel the need to make sure everyone sees it.

In other news, there's a new bar in the hood. Apparently U Turn took that final turn to oblivian, and has been replaced with Solly's Tavern, which sounds suspiciously like an Irish bar. David and I stopped by last night to check it out, already inebriated by a Staffwise happy (four) hour(s). The first floor is very small, and there aren't any taps (are they to come?), but the owner was among the four people hanging out, so he gave us a tour of the place. The upstairs is a decent size, and they plan to have bands. I noted that the speakers face away from my bedroom, but at any rate, can't possibly be as loud as U Turn was.

With about ten bars within a fifty food radius of my house now, I no longer have any excuse not to be nursing a Yuengling every single night. Right? Oh, and Solly's bartender was totally cute, so put that in the "drink nightly" column, too. That side is getting very long.


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