Monday, November 06, 2006

And pray I will

This weekend I:

  • Suffered through the nausea-inducing, topsy-turvy lanes of Ikea. Again.
  • Remembered why I hate driving in this city, particularly in a giant SUV that doesn't actually fit down half the roads around here.
  • Assembled the following: two beds, a wardrobe, a dining table, six chairs, and a coffee table.
  • Acquired bruised fingers and knees and numerous cuts assembling said furniture. Also, hit a new uttered-swear-words-in-one-day high. Although, David might have beat me on that one.
  • Showed off my new house to a bunch of my friends, who all seem to adore it as much as I do.
  • Drank a lot of beer and ate a lot of takeout.
  • Met my subletter's adorable and enormous German Shepard, who is twelve years old and has bad arthritis, and watched with pain as he tripped over his dog food bag and hit the ground hard as his other paws all slipped on the hardwood. Oof.
  • Remembered what awesome friends I have, many of whom gave up their Saturday to help shop, move, and build furniture with me for nothing more than a few cans of Yuengling and my gratitude. And the long list of others who've offered to help me do the rest of the move later this month.

    Although I was tired as hell by the end of Saturday, it was nice to see the house starting to come together. The dining table I got is awesome, and has a leaf so it can seat about eight. Paul, Sylvie, the roommate and I had a late dinner there, and it was great finally having a space we can all sit and eat and chat. David helped me put my bedroom furniture together, and the queen is screaming out for me to sleep on...unfortunately, the subletter gets the honor of breaking it in.

    Quinn volunteered on Saturday morning to go to Ikea with us, probably not realizing what he was getting into. Or that after we stuffed the car with boxes, he'd have to ride all the way home with a girl he'd just met sitting on his lap. They're good friends now! As I usually do when Quinn meets a new friend of mine, I out him as a Republican first thing, lest that friend thinks Quinn and I are in any kind of agreement in policy discussions that inevitably arise. And this is what makes him an awesome ex-boyfriend, a straight-shooter as those righties like to say — because everytime I do this he laughs and says, "Tell the cab story."

    The cab story: Back when we were dating we were on our way home from dinner and, as usual, were arguing quite loudly about some new administration policy. (Usually this was done in bars, while we earned glares from other patrons as we'd yell at each other over Iraq policy...hmm...I'm trying to remember why we broke up...) His apartment was a few blocks closer, so he got out of the cab first. As soon as the door closed the cabbie turned to me and said, horrified, "What is wrong with him! He's crazy! Seriously, you should pray for him."


    At 3:31 PM, November 06, 2006, Blogger honeykbee said...

    Yeunglings?! Why didn't you say so! I'll be right over

    (congrats on the successful move)


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