Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Bullet Point Post:

  • I was walking home last night and approached two men walking slower than I was on 14th Street. They looked like your fairly normal late-30's dudes, with some unfashionable windbreakers on. As I pass on their right, the guy closest to me turns to his friend and says, "[something] SOME SERIOUS PUSSY ....oh dude, sorry." Heh. Please, I've heard worse, usually directed at me, but they were hilariously embarassed and kept apologizing. Man, I overheard a lot of great quotes last night but I think the beer may have washed the rest away.

  • Last night I grabbed a few beers with David (who told me he only reads my blog to see if he got mentioned, like a movie star reading the tabloids or something. holla!), mostly to escape the war zone my house has become, and anyway, the roommate was camped out in front of the television again and I'm getting highly tired of sitting in my room. I had emailed a few folks earlier in the day to see if they wanted to join me, including Jason, a very good friend from my Staffwise days who had moved to NJ for election purposes, but was slated to be back in D.C. sometime this week. He replied and said he wasn't back in town quite yet. Later in the day he called me and left a voicemail asking if I was alright because, "Even back in Caroline Time we didn't start drinking until Tuesday!" Man, why didn't we? I called him back but was getting terrible reception, he said, "Sorry, I'm just getting out of the metro," to which I responded brilliantly, "...New Jersey has a metro?" So later David and I are in Solly's (naturally) downing some (not)tasty PBRs and bitching about life. Around ten o'clock the front door opens and who walks in but Jason himself! I haven't seen that boy in months, so what an awesome surprise. I asked him how he knew we were there and he was like, "I read your blog, girl!" Ha, right, but actually he had called David earlier and said, "I figured you'd be out drinking with Heather." Also, heh. And correct, we just started late, and I guess David told him where we were going. So, good times.

  • I lost my pepper spray! I guess I'll just have to rely on my mad ka-rah-tay skills from now on.

  • I'm at my new apartment right now because someone has to be here to let the gas man in to light the pilots. So fucking annoying. Why? Because the time frame they gave me was 7am-5pm. Seriously, they've got to be kidding me. There's no way they can cut that down to a four-hour block so I don't have to take the entire day off work? The internet connection I'm stealing is very, very poor, so I can't even really do anything until it cycles around again, and there's no television. BORED. Also, I forgot to bring food, and it's almost noon already, so the gas man might actually show up at 4:50 to find me starved and passed out on the floor. This is doubly bad timing because I'm going to California tomorrow (omg kimo!) so I'm already taking three days off of work this week. Arg. Oh, and when my new roommate answered the door at the apartment this morning (I have a key but didn't want to barge in), she said, "Hey sunshine." That's going to end right quick, I know that much. Oh, and the construction people next door have partially knocked down the wall that divides our property from the new condo zone next door. Sweet. At least this place doesn't have rabid dogs, and that's all I need. It does have a huge German Shepard named Bartleby, owned by my subletter, but he is totally adorable and I hardly remember he's here unless he gets bored and ambles about for a bit. Trained animals, I almost forgot what they were like!


    At 8:48 PM, November 14, 2006, Anonymous Jason said...

    I'm back!

    At 7:46 AM, November 16, 2006, Anonymous Sylvie said...

    Jason is back in town! Wahoo!

    At 11:25 PM, November 16, 2006, Blogger David said...

    I don't ONLY read it to see my name. I also read it for pictures of food, and you totally delivered with that burrito.


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