Tuesday, November 14, 2006

matchmaker, matchmaker

Well, I may have been screwed by Washington Gas — the guy showed up at 5:30pm, worked for ten whole minutes, told me the pilot in the fireplace was broken so the landlords will have to hire a contractor to fix it, then left so I could finally clock in at work at 6:30 — but just when I'm about to cast a black spell over the world, something comes along that totally reminds you that somtimes, good things DO happen.

I found a particularly great photo, by Flickr user Eye Captain, for yesterday's Photo of the Day, and I liked it especially because I'd been meaning to talk about that new art installation on 14th, but kept forgetting to call the gallery to get the details. The photographer sent me a personal email to say thanks, as they occassionally do, which is sweet. However, this morning I get an awesomer email — turns out the guy behind the installation wants the photographer's info so he can discuss purchasing the license to use in his promotional materials. I hooked them up and told the producer that I was thrilled they found each other through DCist; he replied and told me that not only did the photographer have lots of great photos and may actually be giving him work, but the photo and the PotD post inspired him to send out a wide-release about the installation. Yay! Go team!


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