Wednesday, November 22, 2006

That's so nice of you.

You guys are hilarious. And occasionally just a tad creepy, but your dedication to finding awesome references to my posts should be commended.

Someone whose email I won't print (I didn't recognize the name, so apologies if I actually know you) responded to my plea for you guys to check my slip-ups by sending me a link to this. It's true, most of my dates tragically end with a vicious argument over proper grammar. I like this part: "Friends of Fitzgerald have advised her to continue disregarding McPherson's poor grammar and instead focus on his character, which sounds like that of a complete asshole." Holla.

And the other day an anonymous fan went searching though craigslist missed connections to find my soulmate, and actually came up with this.

...wait a minute, are you all just trying to find me a boyfriend? Are the interwebs so upset at my frequent singledom that random blog-reading strangers feel the need to abandon their own personal tasks to focus on getting me a man? Yikes! True story: Last night at Solly's I went to the corner of the crowded bar to get some beers and this dude next to me, oblivious to the fact I have eyes and ears, pointed to me (like, through his chest in my direction, except I was standing over him and could totally see it, and there was a mirror in front of us anyway) and said, loudly, "Now that's sexy." (Hahahah, drunk much?) I just looked at him until he finally looked up at me, and I patted him on the back and said, "That was REALLY subtle." And all his friends laughed at him. Heh. Actually, now that I think of it, Solly's was a total meat market last night. We even had some dude try to sell himself to us. No kidding, I have evidence. And there was a hot guy dressed like he was about to go snowboarding who I was makin' teh eyes with, and I have reason to believe he asked Solly about me, in the not so subtle way he turned around to look at me when he went over to chat with them, but I could totally be making that up. (But since Solly reads my blog now, I expect an answer to this next time I stop by, eh? heh.) I wasn't mean to my bar fan though, I laughed and told him, "But it was nice," as I walked away. So don't worry internets, as soon as I find one man in this god forsaken city who's actually in the near vicinity of my type, I promise to date him, and you can go back to your own lives breathing easy for me.

also: I seriously cannot stop listening to electric six. Being as behind on the music bandwagon as I always am, I just found out they finished their tour already (and actually came through dc, and dcist even reviewed it, but I'm so musically lame that it didn't stick), so I'm sad I won't be able to pay $8 to see them somewhere. I was telling david last night that the part of me that wants to believe Jack Black is actually really funny, also believes this is the album he would make if he was that person. Like, you totally want to stand on a table and sing along to it loudly in extreme mock seriousness. love it.


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