Sunday, December 03, 2006

The aftermath

I would say, Success! We threw our housewarming party last night and I, for one, had a blast. I even feel great today, mostly because I managed to ingest some water in between my dirty martinis, tequila shots, and random leftover liquor + juice drinks. Oh, and I think I ordered a pizza at 2am. I only took a few photos, but the roommate and Steph took a bunch they're going to send me later.

Surprisingly, we have zero liquor leftover, which is kind of a shame, cause we were selfishly hoping we'd be able to stock our bar afterwards. The roommate had a bunch of friends drive down from PA and they showed up around dinnertime, so they got to watch us hurriedly finish throwing things on bookshelves and into stuffed closets. I think we cleaned up pretty well though, and everyone seems to love the apartment as much as I do. Her friends were great, too, although it caused us to start partying about five hours before people actually started to show up, contributing to the liquor dry-up, and concerning us that no one was actually coming cause like, hey, we're plenty buzzed already!

We ended up having a good showing, though I hear a lot of people are hurting this morning. This apartment seriously is great for entertaining. There's so much room to wander around, sit and chat, and dance (woo!). I think I've psyched everyone for the impending bar-b-que season in my spacious backyard.

Weirdest moment of the night: Walking into my bedroom and finding a girl playing a bass. A stand-up bass. An enormous, gigantic, stand-up bass. In my bedroom. It was totally surreal. I guess a guy had arrived earlier from one of his performances and, naturally, didn't want to leave his instrument in his car in Columbia Heights, and some girl at the party recently had to sell hers, so she insisted he unpack it and let her fool around. I thought my room was large until I saw that bass in the middle of it.

Oh, and since I know she reads the blog, thanks to Sylvie for bringing all that booze and food. She was like my unofficial party planner. She'd text me in the middle of the day last week, "I picked up some pineapple I'm going to cut into stars!" Heh. In fact, most people are attributing their hangovers to Sylvie's empty bottle of 1800, with which she made frequent rounds at the party with shot glasses.

And of course, most importantly, my awesome red wedges didn't actually destroy my feet like I feared they would. So yes, success all around!


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