Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Holy mother of incompetency

It looks like I got quoted in the Express again yesterday for another rant. My quotes always seem to include a lot of f*cking astericks. This time it was amusing because I found out when someone left a comment on the post (dude, I totally sympathize) which arrived in my email just as I was standing here screaming bloody murder at them again. The Verizon guy finally told me they would send someone out, at no charge to us, but that it couldn't happen until Wednesday. I asked if there was any way he could do it Tuesday, because I'll be out of town and I'm not asking my roommate to take a day off of work for this bs. He said no, he couldn't even get into the Tuesday schedule on the system, and that - oh yes - I should have called in the morning. I should have called in the morning? IN THE MORNING?? I CALLED YOU THREE WEEKS AGO YOU MOTHER FUCKERS! AHHHHHSCREAMINGVIOLENCEOFRAGE!

Anyway, many hours later and with a tag team of me and my roommate, we managed to get someone to "open" the system and get us a man to come Tuesday (this afternoon), which is great cause I'm here anyway. Cross your fingers. CROSS YOUR BLOODY FINGERS. Also - if it does work, we're totally getting our DSL turned on 12 hours before I leave the country. Naturally.

I actually had a severely bad day when it comes to customer service. I forgot to take off that sign I was wearing that said "Please fuck with me, I've got the time." You name it: Rite Aid, Hudson's Trail, my bank, my credit card - all of them, giant assholes of misery. Or at least, no one there is trained to do their jobs properly. I was getting some traveler's checks at my bank, and the first guy passed me off to someone because he'd never done them before, which is fine. Now, I've never gotten these before, so I couldn't quite remember, you know, what the point is. I asked her, "Now, there's some kind of guarantee on these right?" "Ummm, no, er, I think...they're just practical." "Well, yeah, but why are they practical? I mean, it's better than cash if I lose them right?" "Yeah, they're much more practical." "YES, but WHY ARE THEY PRACTICAL??" Jesus effing christ. Finally we got it worked out, mostly because I eventually remembered taking them when I waited tables, and because her supervisor came over.

I won't go into the rest of it, or surely my blood will boil over with rage again. If I wasn't leaving so soon it wouldn't have been such a big deal, but I did get even more nervous in Hudson's trying to figure out what I hadn't thought of to bring with me, thinking "last chance, last chance." I did, however, take a moment to appreciate the irony of me going to India and having a month-long exercise of "doing without," which requires me to buy everything on the face of the planet before I go.

I'm going to finally do a packing dry-run today to make sure everything fits. It's weird, I have all these medications for ailments I've never even had, because people guarantee me I'll need them and/or my doctor insists I take precautions against my vaccination side-effects, particularly of my malaria pills (which I start taking tomorrow). Oh, turns out my health insurance covers those and the Cipro I got, which is so, so totally awesome, cause that was gonna cost me a small fortune. Maybe next time I can splurge for the super expensive, no side effect malaria pills.

Anywho. After trying a few new things, I managed to get my photos to upload from my new camera, so you can see a few here from the party (though, we didn't start taking photos until about 3:30am or so) and from my Nov trip to Cali, including a little food po/rn for David. Mmmm....South American cuisine... And I think someone's linked to my Wii photo, because it's got a ton of views. Anyone?

I'm off to wrap up my life.


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