Wednesday, December 13, 2006

I didn't know this game we were playing even had a set of rules.

Woo hangover. Last night I had drinks with the...wait, what are we calling it now? The First Collective of D.C. Lady Female Women Blogger People? That sounds about right. I had too many jack and cokes for my apparently ginormously tall body. Or maybe just the right amount, after all, I had to toast to getting this up and running finally. Have you taken a look through the pool yet? Totally great. These photogs are going to bring the house down.

I also met one of my neighbors at the Collective, who Sommer and I semi-stalked after she left a comment on DCist saying she lived on a block that's actually my block, and then we noticed she had a bunch of folks we knew on her blogroll, so we figured we must either know her already, or should totally try to meet her. And so we did! Good times. We trekked around the hood until last call at a bar I seem to remember swearing we wouldn't ever go into again, and then just as I was about to hit the hay at the reasonable hour of 1am, I ran into another neighbor on the way home and stayed up for another hour or so. Clearly the question shouldn't be Should We Rename U Street "Little Etiopia?" It must be renamed "Little Bloggerland."

So I finally make my way home and check my email to find one labeled, "I'm totally pissed at you, except that you're completely in the right and I have not one iota of legitimate argument to make, so I'm going to send you a pissy little email about something totally insignificant and pulled from nowhere even though I'm being wholly transparent and really, a little pathetic and sad." Ah, the crazies. I seem to attract them like crazy moths to the flame. I should get a bugzapper.


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