Monday, December 11, 2006

like giddy little children

Despite the 11.5 hour time difference, I often get the chance to chat with Chai since she left for India (before she heads off to bed, while I'm having my first coffee of the day). Our conversations sound a lot like this:


Few things can garner such energy from me at 8:30am, but hearing about Chai's shopping trip to buy her wedding sari (or, twenty saris) and how she saw the house today that we'll all be staying at, and realizing I've got just over 9 days until I get to do all those things myself (actually, 11'll take me two days to travel there, as the crow flies, with the turn of the earth and all that), just gets me all riled up. And I get to see Maisnon soon! In Heathrow even, since it seems we separately chose the same flight from London to Bangalore. What's more fun than meeting up with your friends in foreign lands? I submit to you, not much.

You know in college I had a globetrotting friend and, this was before I'd ever left the country, we used to make up life stories that included meeting up every five years in another part of the world. Oh, it's 2003? I'll see you in Cairo, darling. And now, well, I'm kinda doing it! See you in Bangalore baby.


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