Saturday, December 16, 2006

The Men of D.C. Respond to Me Calling Them Vanilla Pansies

Or at least, Julian does. He proposes that it may not be that y'all are like a bunch of 8th graders at their first co-ed dance party, or that the women here are a bunch of ugly heifers, but that the real problem is, in fact, that Women of D.C. may be on average pretty darn good looking. Okay! That's a hypothesis I can live with. Read his post to get the gist of his argument.

Certainly for the most part, whether or not it's actually true for this town, I can see his point, though it's also more of a catch-all, since there are always a million reasons that factor into why people choose to approach someone (or don't) in bars, and most of it is anecdotal rather than a broad sweeping reason that applies generally. However, I can see that if you're hanging out at the bar and there's a group of pretty attractive females, you can (a) pick one out and go through the often painful process of superficially getting to know someone enough to know whether you'd go out with them and, as Julian notes, risk wasting half your night sucked into a conversation with a bore, or (b) wait until the next group of attractive females come along, because there are always more, and one of them might run into you at the right time and the right place, thereby circumventing (a). So, of course, he chooses (b) and continues to sit there drinking his beer with people he already knows he likes.

And it's not gender specific, if you subscribe to the notion we live in a society where women are starting to approach men at the same rate as the reverse, and I do subscribe to it. I'll say that I think, generally, the men are attractive in this town (at least, I've thought that only since I got the hell out of law school); I've never really found that to be the problem with D.C. I know I (inserting anecdote) have let minor opportunities to approach a guy in a bar, even though I thought he was attractive, and even though I may have even seen him noticing me, to slip by, because of the reasons listed in (a) and (b) above. Though while Julian thinks that for guys you risk being trapped by the Tedious Bore, us girls fear more getting trapped by the Tiresome Asshole, which D.C. seems to excel in corralling into our fine city at extremely high rates.

Therefore, dating in this city sucks because we're all just too pretty.

So, who's got our next craigslist ad to overanalyze?


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