Saturday, December 16, 2006

My liver screams for detox

Boy, I guess it's partly the holidays with all their accompanying socializing, and partly cause I'm trying to get all the time in with my friends before I go abroad, and a lot of other random reasons, but I've been drinking myself silly nearly everyday for the past two weeks. A month in India should be good, because I highly doubt I'll be doing any drinking over there. India is fairly dry to begin with, and even if places do sell liquor, it's very suspicious for a women to be drinking alone, and then of course there's the whole safety issue. So Liver, don't fret, rescue is coming.

Ah, but it is getting just a tad sad. I know, I know, it's only a month, but I hate saying bye to people. A bunch of folks have already left on their own holiday ventures, including Sylvie who's in sunny Hawaii, so I said bye to her last week. I met Danielle and Jon for drinks after work yesterday to say farewell. They even claim they're going to start reading my blog now, so I guess I better stop talking all that shit about them.

I keep thinking I'm ready to go, but after I check off the 10 things I put on the list last week, 10 more pop up. I still need to go buy a digital watch sometime this weekend. I'm really just giddy and excited and slightly nervous all the time. It's a good kind of stress, but between that and going out all the time it's definitely weighing on me a little bit. Or not, actually. I've lost a lot of weight since fall and it's poundage I didn't really have to lose to begin with, so I'm just a little concerned about embarking on a month-long trip tipping low on the scale like that. But, there's not too much to do about it now, since I doubt I can really bulk up all that much in a couple days. I just worry that all the walking and the Indian food and the nausea from my malaria pills might make this a bigger problem than just all my pants falling off me.

Anyway. Maisnon and I have been doing a lot of chatting about packing and shopping and all the things we have to do when we first land in Bangalore. It turns out we actually aren't on the same flight, which is a shame, but she still arrives not long after me. I think I've got my to-do list for that time, including finding a travel agent, buying my saris for the wedding, and getting a couple of salwar kameez to wear through the month. I hope to not bring more clothes than the ones on my back, but I probably haven't thought that all the way through yet.

Okay, I'm off. To do what? Get a beer with Paul. My liver hates me.


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