Tuesday, December 19, 2006

No turning back now!

I'm all checked in for my flight. Got my aisle seats, with no one behind me to kick my seat (my personal flying pet peeve). I went over to the office today to make copies of my important information, memorized my passport number (breathe easy, Hemal!), headed up to Tenleytown to pick up some equipment after a fiasco this morning with my suddenly discovered camera/iPod incompatibility, which I really should have figured out sooner, but didn't. My tech gurus Scott and Tom came back with some helpful info, but unfortunately I seem to have bought the only digital camera on the face of the planet that's not compatible with, like, anything. Luckily they were having a sale on SD cards at Best Buy, so I got a 2 gig card (that gives me 4 gigs total), and also this inexpensive gadget that is supposed to upload images from your card directly to a computer. I'm hoping to do this at an internet cafe, depending on whether I can get access to upload to a public terminal, but it was so cheap I had to give it a try.

Then I made my way over to Paul's and Arish's at my old stomping grounds in CP (literally, Arish lives in my old building; Paul lives across the street), and got a sleeping liner, extra plug adapters, locks, and a couple bucks worth of Rupees ("in case you have to bribe the customs officer"). I calmed my nerves a bit with a beer and some words of wisdom at Paul's, then headed home and made myself a garbage salad with all the perishables in my fridge. Yum.

Spencer seems to have given me a bon voyage gift by tagging me with a meme twelve hours before my flight, but in the thirty seconds I've had to think about it, I found it was actually hard to list something people don't know about me, considering that I write what's more or less turned into a tell-all blog. I'm going to give it some consideration on the airplane and get back to you, Spence.

By the way: Victory! After two different men coming to our house today, the DSL is up and running (I'm not sitting in the window sill!). Except, only on my computer and not my roommate's. Heh. Sorry girl! Have fun with that.


At 8:49 AM, December 20, 2006, Anonymous Becks said...

I like to make sure nobody's behind me, too. Not for the kicking but because I feel guilty reclining my seat into someone else's lap. A feeling not usually shared by the guy in front of me, but still.

Have a wonderful trip! I hope you have an amazing time!


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