Thursday, January 05, 2006

That is not natural.

So this afternoon I got the munchies. I breezed downstairs to see what treasures our food cabinet held for me. Take a look inside, check out the goods...
La de da...nothing unusual...until...wha...uh, what is thatOHMYGODLOOKAWAY!


Why on god's green earth would something like that exist!? WHY WOULD IT BE IN OUR CABINET? People live here!!

Sometime next week I'm going to turn the corner into our kitchen, minding my own business, and get hit in the face with a salmon loaf.

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Ventura Farmer's Market, in Photos

While I was home for the holidays my mom dragged me out of bed at 6:30am on Saturday to pick up my grandma and go to the Farmer's Market to get some things for Christmas dinner. At least she fed me pancakes from a local diner to sustain me through the early morning hours.

This shot is from the parking lot next to the market, which is in downtown Ventura.
Downtown Ventura
Here's the crowd, looking for that perfect tomato.
Farmer's Market
Some members of the citrus family.
Farmer's Market
Farmer's Market
We bought a quart of these for strawberry shortcake.
Farmer's Market
The market is a bit of an ad hoc production. I think that's citrus mistletoe they have hanging from the car there.
Farmer's Market
Too bad they aren't as tasty as they are colorful.
Farmer's Market
Some lettuce basking in the sun.
Farmer's Market
Get your chili peppers!
Farmer's Market
My tongue is searing already.
Farmer's Market
It's all self-serve at the market.
Farmer's Market
Purple artichokes.
Farmer's Market
This guy sells the best effing pistachios I've ever had. Apparently my mom was waiting until I stopped taking pictures so she could sneakily go buy some for my stocking.
Farmer's Market

Alright! Anyone feel like making a salad yet?

Tuesday, January 03, 2006



Not one of my proudest moments...

What a day, and it's barely three o'clock. I did nothing, as usual, for the first few hours. Then I got roped into doing the hanging project again, which involves me, a step-ladder, and 200 pages of architectual design that cover a wall. While I was doing this in one guy's office he was making chit-chat with me. He found out a few weeks ago that I'm actually a lawyer and has sent a couple emails out on my behalf, which is nice. Of course, most of these people he contacted work for big firms and replied with, "This is the girl who didn't rank at the top of her class right? Sorry, we're kind of picky around here." I'm not even joking. Or paraphrasing.

The guy and I talked a bit about how ludicrous that is, and how the difference between where I graduated and the top ten percent is a GPA spread of less than 0.20. Nevertheless, I'm banished to the farthest reaches of temp hell, while the guy who didn't have my Civil Procedure professor (who stated the first day of class that he's proud to give every one of his students their lowest grade in law school, which he did for me, a lowly B-) gets to make $125K a year. Sigh. He spoke to a few more people while I was decorating his office wall and they all turned out to be fairly embarassing conversations for me, especially since the third party didn't realize I was in the room.

A few minutes ago my boss called and said that instead of my last day being tomorrow, it will actually be today. So, that's awesome. One of the ladies down the hall tried to create some more work for me, but that just didn't work out, but it was nice of her to try. She's a little angry because my old cube-mate came into the office today with strep throat, and, no kidding to that.

And, to top off my ineptitude for the day, I just responded to an email from another temp agency to confirm an interview later this week and for no other reason than I'm a moron, I typed "Mrs." instead of "Ms." for her title. This was to the same woman who, last week, I emailed saying I'd like an interview and attached are my resume and references. Except I forgot to attach my resume and references, so I had to send her another email saying "oops!" I'm all about the good first impression.

I've been working all day on my resolutions, but they're hard as fuck. Once you see what I've done, you'll see why. I'll try to post them by this evening.

Wish me less ineptitude for the rest of the day. More eptitude? Yes.

Sunday, January 01, 2006

A Day of Jubilee

All of these things occur today:

New Year's Day
C's 30th birthday
C & J's six-month anniversary
The Redskins playoff-qualifying game against the Eagles.

I'll give you one guess which one ranks #1 in this house: "REDSKINS TOUCHDOWN!!!!"

Brokeback Review

We ended up seeing Brokeback Mountain at a matinee showing yesterday in Bethesda. The movie is only playing in two movie theaters in the metro DC area, and the Dupont theater is incredibly tiny and not stadium seating, so you risk looking at the back of some ugly bouffant instead of Jakey-poo's beautiful blues. Thus, the forty-five minute, two-line metro ride to Bethesda instead, and another incredibly crowded theater, but we got good seats, some tasty popcorn, and a Coca-Cola Classic as big as my head.

I don't think I have to say that it was an amazingly good story with amazingly good acting (and good looking-actors). We all know it is and if you haven't yet seen it, you're missing one of the best movies to come along in a very long time. I will say, watching the movie made me remember why I need to NOT read or listen to reviews and thoughts by other people before experiencing it myself. I kept hearing, "Oh god it's so sad!" "I bawled my eyes out!" "So tragic!" When I hear too much of that I start thinking what I should be feeling based on popular views, rather than just watching the damn movie and feeling what I want to feel. So that kind of distracted me.

I'd really like to see it again, like Maisnon said, because I think there is a lot of detail and it was impossible to catch it all. Okay, now the spoilers start, so stop reading if you haven't seen it. Details like Jack's reaction when Ennis says he can't believe he left his t-shirt on the mountain. I didn't think anything of it at the time, but now I want to rewind that moment.

There are a number of things you can take away from the movie. At it's simplest, you can just enjoy it as a love story that's both beautiful and tragic. It's also a comment on society, where wide-suppression and hateful attitudes force others to live their lives in secret, causing heartache - and worse - to them and their families.

There was something bigger, though, something more important, if only because it could be spoken to every person in the audience personally, rather than just experiencing it and sympathyzing with it as part of Annie Proulx's story. (Spoilers again.) Jack (fucking) Twist dies terribly at the end, but the tragedy is not in the hate crime alone. The tragedy is that he dies in exactly the way Ennis feared they both would. That Ennis sacrificed true love (:a life truly lived) because of society's rejection of their love, and by doing that, he hoped, saving them both from that rejection and a terrible end. Yet, it ended that way anyway. So if they couldn't change the world, they could have at least enjoyed their time together. That's really what Jack knew all along; he was going to be who he was even if it ended up killing him, because otherwise, what was the point? To live a life full of pain like Ennis?

And that is, what I think, something everyone can empathsize with, even if it's not as emotionally charged as being gay in the sixties in the countryside. Just that you should live your life the way you want, even if you're worried or scared of the consequences, because what are you going to do at the end of your life when you've lost all your chances to be happy?

Clarification on the job thing.

I want to thank everyone for your nice and sympathetic comments and emails from my last post. I should probably clarify something though; this wasn't the total screw you that my last job was. The staffing agency certainly wasn't at fault here, and, in fact, I still think it was great of them to find me a job within three hours of my interview. I should also clarify that this wasn't like my last job in another way - where I was hired with a large group of people to do a specific project for a company. This was your typical temp job, where I was hired to fill one position to replace someone who had been promoted. I was only going to be there until they hired someone permanent (which, since it was an admin job, meant it was never going to be me that they hired). So, everyone involved, including me, knew it was only a matter of time. I was only irratated because I assumed they would have told me when they hired somebody, instead of all my bosses taking off that week and having the new guy idly put stuff on my desk all day without anyone telling me what he was doing. Ya know? I mean, they hired him awhile ago, apparently, so that's why I was kind of appalled.

Anyway, that's how things go, so I just have to move on and get another job.

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