Saturday, February 18, 2006

Who's having the Best Week Ever?

I think it might be me. At least, I'm having a damn fine one. I'm a little worried that I'm going to step in front of a bus, things are going so well at the moment.

A little clarification on my Big Ass Raise - I'm still a temp. The temp agency is my "employer," so I actually have exact same position with the same firm; I was just poached by another agency willing to pay me the big bucks. And frankly, that's great. I work with really nice people who care whether or not I'm being treated fairly, I get flex-time, the work is both easy and varied, so I don't get too bored but it's never very stressful. And it's an ongoing project - it'll end when I want to leave. As far as temp jobs go, it doesn't get any better, and starting Monday I'll get paid 66% more to do the exact same job I was doing yesterday. That's what I call a slam dunk.

What else? Last Sunday I was contacted for the first time about possibly licensing one of my photos for a magazine. He inquired into my library and I don't think I had what he was looking for (I haven't heard back), but the fact that someone noticed and wanted to see samples is huge, at least to me.

What else?? As Chai pointed out the other day, I'm in the 'vetting' process of becoming an arts contributor for the DCist. This all happened really fast, and it's not for sure yet, even though they did publish my first submission. I still have one more to write, so let's hope I don't blow it. (Strangely, it's going to be about an artist who explores the concept of time in photography - um, could that topic be any more up my alley?) The lesson here is - pay attention to what you're blogging about, because you never know who might be reading.

Oh, and to round it out, I just e-filed my taxes and it looks like I'm going to be getting a fat refund.

Now, I just have to be doubly careful about the buses...

Thursday, February 16, 2006

Isn't there a name for that?

When a certain employer spots a fantastic, bad-ass but underpaid employee working for a competitor, so employer calls said employee on the sly and says, "Why don't you come work for me doing the exact same thing, but at a 25% higher salary?" And employee says, "Hey, sounds great, but how about 33%?" And employer says, "Deal! Come on board!"

There's a name for that, isn't there?

Well, today I'm just going to call it EXACTLY WHAT HAPPENED TO ME.

UPDATE: It doesn't end there, kiddies. New employer just called back, "Did you say you submitted your DC waiver today? That's a whole different story - you're 'DC Pending' now. We can offer you 66% of your old salary."

Can I get a what's up now, bitches!!

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Trident has a new package.

Trident: I love you

My excitement at this discovery cannot be expressed in mere words.

Monday, February 13, 2006

Tips for Two-Timers

Chai threw down the question yesterday: Why did we name our blogs what we did? I'm sure we were supposed to answer in her comments, but I'm bringing the party here for a minute.

Two-Timing the Cosmos is a chapter title in the book About Time: Einstein's Unfinished Revolution, by Paul Davies.

My Blog's Namesake

The chapter begins with a discussion of the unknowability of the nature of time. After Einstein discovered relativity, we knew that the passage of time in one place could be different than the passage of time in another - so what if the passage of time now is different than the passage of time in the past? What if, as the universe expands and matter is dispersed, the "cosmic clock" is changing as well? Ultimately, this meant that calculations of the age of the universe could be entirely, utterly wrong. In fact, time is the way we measure the passage of everything, so how can we ever know what time really means if it's always changing? How can we know if this actually much longer than this moment...?

You're probably wondering what my point is. Well, I admit I probably chose the title because it sounded cool (and dirty!) and it was a nod to my geeky astrophysics days. Also, even though I got back into blogging through the zillion blawgs out there, I didn't want a law-related title. Clever as they are, it's just not my thing, and I had no intention of talking about the law forever - and seeing what I write about most of the time these days, it's probably good I didn't typecast myself.

But I still love the theory behind "two-timing the cosmos," even if we deviate a little from the scientific to the, say, pyschological. Time varies with the moment. Monday was infinitely longer than Friday. The last three years were unbearably never-ending. I'm sure most people would think the "two-timing" refers to cheating (like the guy who google hit my blog today with "getting away with two-timing" - classy; if you need to google for tips maybe you're not as slick as you think you are), but it really does refer to "multiple kinds of times" - the kinds of experiences we have by how the time was spent...(are you with me? 'How the time was spent').

It's not cosmology if it doesn't blow your mind, dude.

And, "...with your mom." I hope I don't have to explain that.

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