Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Take On Me

I'm dying to follow the grand tradition here at TTtC and write up a review for "Disaster Zone: Volcano in New York," but I just don't think I have time tonight. It wasn't any "10.5," but that's a tough standard for your made-for-tv's.

I've had another Pretty Darn Good Week, so I'm on a bit of a streak here. I'm still keeping an eye out for errant buses, lest I step in the path of one.

Awhile back I joined a yahoo group for local photographers and not only did I get some flattering reviews of my work, but the lady who started it contacted me yesterday about helping her market her work. She's a more established photographer than I am, but she needs someone to help her for a few hours every week. She'll pay me, of course, but she also totally expects me to learn this stuff for my own benefit and take advantage of opportunites I come across.

Then, last night I attended my "observation" night at a legal clinic in town. The formal training happens off-site, so they like to make you sit through a whole night before you commit to training, so you can see how it works. It was more or less what I expected, but it was still fascinating. I finally had the "oh right, THAT'S why I got a law degree" moment. I've been a volunteer since I was old enough to leave the house on my own, so this felt like I was getting back to the whole point. We helped this one guy address his problem (we? okay, I didn't do shit, but I watched and nodded along) and as he was leaving he kept saying emphatically, "God Bless you folks, really, God Bless you and what you do here." Between that and the panda video I was forwarded earlier that day, I think my cold, bitter heart actually swelled up a little bit. I thought it was indigestion.

And the couches came today! Sort of. My roommate got a huge bonus last month for all the traveling he's been doing, so he decided to invest in a pair of sexy new leather sofas. He ordered them online and they didn't give him a delivery date, so he got a call this afternoon - he's in Florida - from the truck driver who said he was outside the house. Oops. He rescheduled, so we should have them this weekend. Of course, there's only one thing to do to celebrate such fantastic new decor - have a party! We've been meaning to throw a follow-up to our successful bash last fall, but the winter and my oft-unemployment were hampering us a bit. So, in a few weeks we're bringing back the funk and firing up the grill.

And on that note, I'll probably be away from the internets for a few days, entertaining my fleshy-friends. (No, not fat! REAL.) If you can't go that long without stalking me, I'll be at the group photography exhibit opening at Plan B on Saturday. I'll be the girl with the two real live friends.

Is this how they're teaching people to be crazy these days?

On the metro, the boy in front of me was reading a book with the evangelical title:

You Must Experience the Ridiculous to Experience the Miraculous

I wish I were joking.

"I thought Spanish was, like, the universal langauge of the world."

I'm tired, so in lieu of actual writing, I'm breaking out the bullet points:

  • I just spent the last six hours washing dishes. I was under the impression there was a little magic fairy who cleaned them everyday. Turns out the fairy wasn't magic, he was my roommate. (Zing!)

  • The Amazing Race premiere! Words cannot express how much I want to be on this show. I convinced Quinn to partner up with me awhile back, but they were calling for the family season at the time. That season turned out to be exactly the nightmare I predicted, with the exception of the horrifically hilarious and ironic moment where the family that was bonding after the recent car wreck death of their father then nearly watched their mother get run over by an amish buggy in one of the roadblocks. Oh man, I'm cringing and laughing again right now. This was the same family that prayed to Jesus that the light would turn green so their taxi could cut-off a competitor. It looks like we have another one of those pairings this season, but they're wont to last too long, what with the pants peeing and panties falling down and claiming the city smells like farts. Why? Because I don't know about Jesus, but Karma's a bitch. Just ask that family from last season. Anyway - Quinn - you get the video camera and I'll crack open the language books. Wind sprints scheduled for this weekend.

  • Went to see "Arty Gras" today at the Warehouse. Turns out my friend's sister was assisting the curator, so I ended up having a pretty good conversation with them both over email and at the show tonight. Funny story: The same creepy old Italian dude who hit on me over a month ago at a Georgetown gallery actually tried to do it again today, clearly not remembering it didn't work the first time.

  • Ask and ye shall receive. I promised a Project 4 gallery review here, but I ended up trading the graffiti show for it. It went up Tuesday, so you know where to find it.

  • I'm very much on the verge of overextending myself here. Tomorrow I have an orientation to do some legal clinic work. I'm happy when I'm busy, but after three years of inactivity, I need to do some stretching or I'm going to pull something.

  • Two of the best people I know are visiting from Boston this weekend. I. Can't. Wait!

  • Tuesday, February 28, 2006

    Set your TiVo people:

    This Thursday at 9pm on SciFi - from their website:

    Disaster Zone: Volcano in New York
    After a land developer's illegal geothermal-energy experiments go tragically awry, a group of New York City sewer workers must stop a lava flow under Manhattan from becoming a citywide disaster.

    Are you kidding me? A rag-tag group of underappreciated municipal workers saving the city from nature's evil man-killing juice?!

    Somebody get the popcorn!

    Sunday, February 26, 2006

    Two Timing the Universe

    Just in case someone googles that today. Long story.

    So last night I had crazy insomnia. Every once in awhile this happens - even though I was tired as hell, it took me about an hour and a half to fall asleep. Then, at 4:30am sharp (a full two hours after I'd fallen asleep), I wake up like a nuclear bomb had gone off in my room. I get up, go to the bathroom, lie back down....continue to lay there. Stare at the ceiling for awhile. Roll over. Nothing doing.

    Then I start having these semi-lucid dreams as my brain is racing 1000mph but my body is dead, and I distinctly remember that one of those dreams involved the bar next door catching on fire. The firefighters banged on my door and told me I should really get out of the house, just in case it spread. My roommate is traveling again, so I leash-up the dog, throw a spare set of clothes into a bag, and scan my room for the two or three things I need to grab just in case.

    The iBook, of course, has my entire life on it, including all my photos, so that's a no-brainer. I grab my camera, not cause it's irreplacable, but because I'm strangely thinking it would be a good idea for me to take pictures while I'm outside watching the fire creep towards my house - insurance purposes, or whatever. Then I grab a silly stuffed animal I got when I was seven and have been dragging around since. Anything else I can't live without is in a fireproof box, so it stays inside. As I step outside my room, I'm looking directly in C's room and realize I have to call him before I leave. He doesn't answer the phone, and I guiltily rummage through his dressers looking for anything that looks like an heirloom. I grab some art off his wall that his uncle made, catch the dog again, and head outside.

    It kind of ends there, but I vaguely remember sitting on the sidewalk across the street just watching the fire, hanging onto Chase. I don't really remember it being scary, but I seem to have a lot of dreams like that. Like, they're not really "nightmares," but just possible situations that my mind feels needs a plan of attack. Like I'm saving up disaster scenarios in my head.

    I can probably blame my mother. She always had an earthquake kit fully stocked in the hall closet - with spare clothes, eyeglasses, canned food, a bunsen burner - the works. When I moved to DC and still had a car, she sent me directions to my aunt's vacation ranch in Montana in case I needed to escape a terrorist attack or something. This all makes my mother (and me, I suppose) sound really paranoid, but she's a tough military broad, so I think it's just needing to feel prepared for the sometimes harsh realities of life. If something crazy happens, we aren't going to be the ones running around wailing.

    Okay, I actually had a point to telling you all about my dream. In real life today, I was gone most of the day and came home around 6:30pm. As I exit the metro, I notice a cop on 10th and U Street blocking traffic, and as I turn down U, I come upon a scene straight out of my insomniac brain. No less than two full-ladder fire engines, two ambulances, five or six DC cop cars, and two huge city buses are crammed in the intersection of 11th and U Streets - facing the direction of my house. I pause. And wonder if I have a new career giving Nostradamus a run for his money. Then turn out a full-tilt run down the block.

    Luckily, the story ends well. I'm still not entirely sure what they were doing, but they felt the need to stop traffic between three full blocks to do it. I didn't see any fires or accidents, but it looked like there was some water coming from underground, so maybe a main broke - of course I don't know why that would require the ambulances and city buses. Maybe there was just some real crime in another neighborhood they were all trying to ignore.

    I know one thing: I'm taking a sleeping pill tonight.

    Project 4 preview

    I know, I'm prolific with the blogging when I come home on a Saturday before 1am and sober. But I've got things to do tomorrow which require getting up at the break-ass of dawn, so here I am, trying to be good.

    Project 4 Gallery Opening

    Lori Grinker's exhibit "Afterwar" at the Project 4 Gallery requires your attendance.

    Project 4 Gallery Opening

    I'm suddenly regretting passing it over for a DCist review, because I walked away with some pretty strong feelings about the exhibit. I had planned on browbeating Adrian into switching with me when I ran into him tonight, but it turns out he doesn't have it either. I know the arts editor will do a bang-up job, but I guess I never thought that I'd start going to art shows where I didn't just want to talk about it, but felt I had to.

    Well, that's what TTtC is here for, right?? So expect a mini-review in the next few days.

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