Friday, May 05, 2006

A Sneak Peek

I stopped by the old Fusebox space on 14th to see what was going on now that Irvine Contemporary has opened its doors. They did a soft opening today and will also be open tomorrow from 11am-8pm with Susan Jamison's and Robert Mellor's solo shows, held over from their old gallery. Heather Russell was there and kind enough to speak with me for a few minutes. She told me that since the new gallery was nearly ready, they wanted to try it out before the big opening on the 12th. Also, it gives Jamison and Mellor a little more exposure, even though they seem to be doing just fine as it is, with Jamison up in NYC doing some business and Mellor a semi-finalist for the 2006 Trawick Prize.

How about some pictures?

Irvine Contemporary

Irvine Contemporary
(click through for a couple more photos, though forgive my crappy point-and-shoot quality)

It doesn't look like too much has changed, but they're trying to make the gallery more public friendly, which I happen to enjoy, seeing as I got my start roaming the 14th Street galleries with not a clue as to what I was doing or seeing. (In fact, while I was there a couple poked their head in the door and asked, "By invite only?" These galleries are intimidating if you don't know what you're doing!) They've added comfy benches and a couple of chairs that look like they're tough to get out of.

Ju-Yeon Kim's show for their big opening looks to be pretty phenomenal. If you happen to stop by tomorrow, you should check out her extremely large canvas sitting in the back of the gallery; the show officially starts May 12th if you want to check it out for yourself.

Thursday, May 04, 2006

My marigolds bring all the boys to the yard

After my weekend visitors left to catch their plane on Sunday, the roommates and I picked up a Zip Car and trekked off to my home away from home, the garden center at Home Depot. I can't believe they don't know me by name there yet. I keep expecting to walk in the flowery gates and have someone slide me a beer while some tacky theme song plays in the background.

My mission was three-fold: 1) Buy a flat of flowers for one plot, 2) Buy herbs and some veggies for the last plot and 3) Buy tomato cages. Lucky for me, I was wholly successful. While I was off hunting down cages, I asked the boys to go pick out a flower they liked for #1. They came back with a flat of begonias, which I'm not sure I ever would have picked out myself, but I actually love them. They're darker and add a real depth to the otherwise brightly colored garden:

For the edible plot, I found lemon thyme, chives, basil, lavender (not so edible I suppose), a jalapeno plant, and two green pepper plants, all of which seem to be taking well to the soil so far:
Herb and veggie plot

Which gives us the final product...wait! Let's look back one more time:
In the beginning...

And now:

With the leftover marigolds and dutch miller from Round 1 of planting, and the leftover begonias, I filled in a small strip that's next to our grill. It needed to be cultivated and filled with some top soil, but I was concerned that it would overflow onto the sidewalk because it wasn't edged on all sides, see:
Strip by the grill.

And I thought, "If I were some edging, say, a brick, where would I be?....UNDER THE DIRT OF COURSE!" So I took my trowel and hit gold about two inches under the surface. And by gold I mean:
Finally, some useful trash
For serious. Just enough to close off the strip. Finally, some useful trash. I forgot to take a picture of the finished product, so I'll have to do that later.

Look what else I found:
I see seashells by the...I mean, buried in my backyard.
Seriously? Seashells? Now if I could just dig up all that buried treasure, I'd be made.

Strawberry update. Look at these flowers!
Strawberry blooms

Forget the flowers - look at this!

Oh baby. I have to go get some Bisquick.

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Try Not to Elect A Criminal This Time

I know most of you probably don't care about the governor's race in Ohio, but this is spectacular news for the future of our nation:

Blackwell, Strickland to Battle for Governor
(via my old daily reading)

Also, this has come up a lot recently, so I'd like to point out that if you google my name, you will eventually find within the search results that I worked for Governor Taft. EXCEPT I DIDN'T. There was a girl with exactly the same name as me who worked for the Republicans just before I arrived on the scene for the Dems. As I entered the Statehouse, she was leaving to start with the Governor's office. Even at the staffer's orientation someone stopped me after introductions and asked me why I changed parties. Ugh. Maybe this is why I haven't gotten any callbacks for all those political jobs I applied to.

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

A Little Theater Does You Good

Oh, and I finally got to see A Bright Room Called Day last week, sans screaming teenagers. Not one to review theater well, I'll just say it was a great way to spend an evening. Check it out at the Rorschach in Columbia Heights.

Today I Didn't Even Have to Use My A.K.

Though the day is still young, I suppose.

Had a good, but very strange weekend. Two of my good friends who I used to work with at the Statehouse in Ohio came to visit. A few highlights:

  • On Friday one of them called her friend who lives in VA to join us for dinner. She wore her fat diamond jewelry and insisted we meet in Georgetown. At one point I realized that the folks sitting around the table had a total of:
    - 3 Weddings
    - 1 Divorce
    - 5 Children
    - Numerous extra-marital affairs
    - 1 $1.2 million house
    - 3 People who've started their fourth decade of life
    - 1 Republican, whose political beliefs include "freedom and this great country founded under God," and puppies and rainbows, too, presumably, and
    - 1 Boob job.
    And none of them were mine. This was my Friday Night Surreality. It would be fair to say I drank a lot of beer that evening.

  • My recently divorced, boob-inflated friend was soon hit on by a group of G-town meatheads. Their group flocked around our table for a little while, egged on by boob-girl who was looking for a little fun herself. After awhile they asked us how old we were (in fairness, I think we asked them first, because they looked like they'd escaped out their bedroom windows and taken the keys to daddy's car to go pick up their fake IDs so they could find some Hot Older Women in the college bars), and my friends, being the honest girls they are, said around the table, 31, 32, 32. All three of these ladies, by the way, look maybe twenty-years-old on a bad day. The VA friend who joined us probably gets carded at R-rated movies. Just to top it off, they each might swing a buck-ten on the scale...if they were holding a bowling ball and a pile of bricks. So the guy turns to me and says, "What about you?" "I'm 26." A stare and a smirk. "Oh, yeah? You're 26, huh?" Nothing makes me feel like I'm being scammed by the wrinkle cream industry like a guy NOT BELIEVING THAT I'M UNDER THIRTY. Sigh.

  • When VA friend turned to me and asked, "So, are you married?" I replied 'no' and my boob-friend helpfully added, "No, Heather's slow."

    Dude. I know she was joking (and that secretly they're both a tad envious of their friend who escaped the Midwest and is living single in the Big City) but I have severely felt the pressures of adulthood bearing upon me lately. I've never had a strong desire to do the husband-2.5 kids-white-picket-fence thing, and I would still rather spend my twenties traveling, being free to move cities or go out for a beer anytime I want, and not having anyone else relying on the consistency of my paycheck, but it's weird when everyone is throwing it in your face all the time. I'm lucky to have a family that's 100% more concerned that I have an education and a successful career than whether or not I'm popping out the grandkids (surprisingly, even my grandparents feel that way...these are the perks when you come from a long line of feminists). So even now that my cousin, who's younger than me, is having the first kid of the next generation, my family's like, "Eh, good for her. But hey, great art review last week! Didn't you say something about those attorneys liking's that working out?" To be fair, my family is a lot more complicated than that, but aren't they always.

    So of course the problem is that I don't have a successful career. Scratch that. I don't have a career. I suppose I thought by 27 I'd have some kind of, you know, dental plan and a growing IRA. Not that I have some desire for the 9 to 5 life, but after spending $100K plus a couple thousand on two higher educational degrees, I thought I'd be getting some kind of return on my investment. Yet, nearly a year to the day after graduation, I still temping. The real problem seems to be that the older I get, the less I know what I want to do with my life. Do I really want to be an attorney? Do I want to pursue writing or even photography? Do I want to do something completely different? The Catch-22 being that the older I get, the fewer the opportunities are available to me. I suppose I'll figure it out someday or, more likely, something will fall in my lap and I'll grab it cause it's there.

    Happy Introspection Day. It's time to call in that birthday beer my co-worker has promised me.

    But good news! I shall have a spectacular garden update for you later this week!

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