Friday, August 18, 2006

Changing it up a little

What a long week! It's still not over, but I'm taking a much-needed breather. Though I'm of the mind that Work is not blog fodder, I'll bend the rules a little for a second. The case I've been managing went into serious downtime while waiting for a judges' ruling, so I had to scramble to find work for awhile there. For most people running out of work is great, but for me, no billable hours means no paycheck.

I yelled out and my echo came back in the form of a ginormous case that might be the example in the acronym dictionary for FUBAR. The managing paralegal is taking a four month leave, so he asked if I would take over. It's good in a way, because I get to meet more people in the firm (exposure), get lots of overtime hours, and have been learning many new things. On the other hand, did I mention the hours? And the fubar part? Right. I'm actually managing other people here, including permanent employees, and hiring my own all that is a little amusing to me.

At least I have a lovely weekend ahead of me. I'm going to try to get out of here in time to catch a gallery show, then a late dinner at Vidalia for Restaurant Week, including some catching up with the girls. Although I'm as totally sucked into the hilarity that is the Snakes on a Plane hype, I'm afraid that viewing will have to wait until next weekend, you know, when the jokes have totally been beaten into the ground and are screaming for mercy. Still. It has to been seen.

Tomorrow I'm going to take my own advice and go with the roommates out to the Udvar-Hazy Center in Dulles, which is the branch of the Air and Space Museum that has hangars of wicked aircrafts, including the mothereffing test space shuttle. And we're going to totally buck the movie bandwagon trend by going to see Superman Returns at the IMAX. We loved it, so all you haters can eat it.

I'll leave you with some unintentional irony (from Adrian).

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Habits are hard to break

I actually came to my computer to get busy on the Arts Agenda, since I got home earlier than usually today and putting together the agenda usually takes most of my Wednesday night. Instead I write some ten-page thesis on my weekend in New York City like it was my first trip off the farm. Like I mentioned in the last post, I've been really busy (I'll explain why later), and haven't been able to blog since last Thursday.

Not a non sequitor: Except for a month in winter when I was working in Rosslyn, I've been walking to work since last September. That's four miles a day, except when it's raining more than a sprinkle and I'm forced to metro with the commuter rats. I've found now that if I don't go anywhere on the weekends, I'll make up a reason to get out and walk at least twenty minutes, or I get totally restless.

I'm becoming the same way with writing. Since I've been caught up at work I haven't had time to blog or write anything for DCist in days and I'm getting pent up! So I get ten minutes to spare, and gorge myself. Yeah, maybe eating is a better analogy. Anorexia is bad! Eat regular meals! Okay, I'm off to write an agenda.

I have itchy feet...but not from jellyfish this time.

I've been mad busy lately, with barely time to come home and sleep, much less blog. I have much to report, but one thing at a time. First, last weekend:

Danielle and her fiance Jon were headed up to NYC to see a few of his friends, and asked me if I'd like to hop in the backseat. I said "sure!" So we jumped in the car early Saturday morning and hit the road. While Danielle gave her best bi-polar impression while navigating the traffic, I said awesome things like, "Is this the New Jersey Turnpike?? Awesome!" and "The Holland Tunnel, yay!" Yeah, I've never driven to NYC before.

Our friend Tony has an apartment in Chelsea, which inexplicably always has parking spots directly in front. We arrived around noon, totally starved. After checking out T-bag's sweet New York digs (yes, it was tiny, and he pays more than C and I pay for our big house, but it was still cute), he gets a call from his Big Firm and is sequestered doing research for a few hours. So his boyfriend Nick took us to Benny's Burritos where we watched out the window for Ethan Hawke or SJP to walk by. No luck, but the burritos were delish.

We walked the few blocks to the river to digest our massive lunch and wait-out Tony, where we saw lots of sweaty, half-naked gay men and lots of dogs. LOTS OF DOGS. Cripes. Oh, and the Statue of Liberty.

Finally Tony finished his work, or at least half-assed it enough for his bosses to leave him alone for a few hours. Our friend Emily lives in Grammercy, so we gathered vodka, mixers, cheese, crackers, olives...and each of these had to be purchased at a different store. I'll say that in one way (though obvs there are a billion) that NYC pwns DC is in simple neighborhood living. You couldn't spit without hitting a tiny grocery mart. Why the fuck is this so difficult for DC to accomplish?? I don't need a freaking Giant or a Safeway and I really don't want a Whole Foods. I want a quaint little store barely the size of 7-11 that sells apples, potatoes, and you know, THINGS TO EAT that aren't day-old donuts and Kit-Kat bars.

So we grabbed our bags, hopped in a cab (NYC pwns DC #2: cabs are so fucking cheap), and made our way to Emily's place (again, sweet pad), and up to her roofdeck. Surrounded by the Chrysler Building, the river, and the Empire State Building, natch, I mixed some damn fine dirty martinis and we munched on brie and olives like the true yuppies we are.

As the sun went down, we changed into our Black Shirts and met up with a few other people at this place called Shag. Tony wanted to take us to some place called Art Bar because he solely lives through other people and thus, was determined to get me laid. Apparently the Art Bar is a little divey and, you know, straight, while Shag is a Not a lot gay, but c'mon, there's shag carpeting on the walls. Emily doesn't "do" dive bars, which is fine, cause it's pretty hilarious that Tony thinks I would find some random dude in some random city and like, bang him. At Shag we met up with Andres (!) who went to school with Tony down here and with whom I became good friends during the many nights of my 3L Gay Bar Bonanza.

After dinner we went to this swanky party thrown by one of the partners in Tony's firm and his big time photographer partner (boyfriend-partner, that is). Nothing much to report there, except the bartender in the kitchen made great, and great numbers of, drinks, and the Gays, Lawyers, and Brazilians at the party were highly unsocial. None of us can remember talking to anyone outside our own group, though we did roam around quite a bit.

For some reason, Tony insisted we each get a drink for the road, which we did (um, Red Bull and vodka? Not my request...) and stumbled to a cab with our libations. We spent the next hour or so wandering around the streets trying to get into bars we were not dressed for, and at one point Tony tried to walk into a bar with his drink still in hand and was drunkenly appalled at being asked to throw it out first.

Finally we settled on going to a diner and I finally got my ice cream, which I'd been pining for all day. Eventually we stumbled home and I slept on couch cushions on the floor in a tiny hallway. Good times.

Sunday we all woke up feeling like we'd been walking across the desert for forty days and nights, due to the bottles of olive juice we had in the dirty marts. Mostly hangoverless, my cohorts went to two different brunches that I had no stake in, while I grabbed a bagel, braved the NYC subway (NYC pwns DC #3: Coffee underground!) and went to the Guggenheim. I've been reading a book all about Peggy and Pollock and friends, so it was a thrill to see the museum in person and take in the Pollock and Kandinksi exhibits running there. Actually, the Zaha Hadid exhibit was the one that blew me away. Absolutely killer models, reliefs, and paintings by this extraordinary architect. I really wanted to by a book, but the flat pictures did them a huge disservice. Instead I bought Art of This Century: The Guggenheim Collection which is enormous but awesome and only $25 (I don't know why it says $45 on that link).

Speaking of money, I don't know how we managed this, but I think I spent less money during my weekend in New York than any weekend I've spent in DC this year that didn't involve watching 24 hours of a NeXt marathon on MTV with the boys. The most expensive thing I did was buy a ticket to the Gugg for $18 (plus the book). It helped that our Rich Friends totally called Danielle and I out on being the Poor Friends by picking up the tab at Shag. Seriously, I love DC, but I'm just going to spend my weekends in NYC from now on. Really, I just have itchy feet. I've never lived this long in one place, and I can feel myself starting to idly consider other places. I don't see myself leaving DC anytime soon, and really, NYC probably is not the place for me, never know!

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