Friday, September 15, 2006

Those Terrifying Singing Dolls Are Right

It is, in fact, a small world. I went to the courthouse to get sworn in today (woo!) and took a seat in the courtroom for the noon ceremony. I was scheduled for the 2:30, but went early to cheer on Chai. Since I was a little early I just took a seat in an empty row and was soon joined by a couple on my right. I didn't really look up when they sat down, so I was a little surprised when the woman tapped me on my arm and said, "Uh..." was totally my sophomore year roommate.

It turns out they don't do some kind of roll call, so I stood up and took the oath at the noon ceremony and wham-bam, I'm a D.C. license attorney. Except, not so fast, because after the oath they make you step out to the hallway and stand in this ridiculously long line so you can fill out your bar card. I get in line and the girl in front of me kind of turns around and looks at me for a second. Then, again. Then she says, "Do we know each other?" She did look kind of familar, but I couldn't place her, and I get the whole "You look like my friend!" all the time. (Please, as if I'm anyone's friend.) We spent a few minutes listing our schools, city locations, and jobs for the last few years, then she says, "Did you ever do contract work?"

And snap! The memory settles back into place. She worked diagonally across the table from me at the ol' Staffwise nightmare. Except she was the first to get axed, about a week and a half after I started there, so I only spoke to her a handful of times. But still, weird.

The ceremony was pretty nice. Short and inspiring. And the three circuit court judges each appear from behind their own personal curtain that magically and simultaneously whip open, which was kind of awesome.

I know I've been away from the blog for awhile. Sometimes you just need a break, you know? But things have been a roller coaster, as usual. I got pretty sick yesterday, but managed to shower and get that fake healthy feeling to make it to Unbuckled at dc9 last night. My whiskey-coated throat felt much better and so I was finally able to get a few hours of sleep to make it to the courthouse today, but then crashed afterwards, and went home instead of back to work. Not a big deal (they weren't really expecting me in), except that now I'll have to go in this weekend, and more importantly, I missed the last day happy hour for a senior associate who's really taken me under her wing, helped put me on some great projects, and insists on being a great reference for me. She got a pretty bad-ass job, so I'm happy for her, but I would have like to bid her a formal adios.

I'm starting another freelance job soon, which might turn out to be pretty interesting. I contacted this photographer awhile back, but things going on with both of us made us put the job on the waiting list, but it looks like we're going to go forward starting next month. It'll be a little more cash in my pocket, and it's in a somewhat unfamiliar industry, so I'll learn a lot.

I'll try to refrain from updating everything that happened in the last two weeks of my life, but I'm a little fuzzy-headed still and feel like rambling. In my illed state I put the dvd on pause earlier and walked to dc9 to get the card I abandoned there last night, and stopped by the Project 4, which is on the way. I got one of those "oh, this is why I do it" moments when one of the gallery directors told me that a bunch of people had dropped by the reception and said they'd come because they read about it on dcist. Awww. The cockles of my heart you warm, people! I hope lots of people go to the 14th street receptions tomorrow, mostly because I have to miss it and want to hear all about it.

Next posts, I promise you riveting descriptions of my new garlic press and Gardens Gone Wild. Stay tuned.

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