Tuesday, January 30, 2007

I could do a little dance maybe?

Let's start with the creepy first: Someone arrived at my blog today by googling ("my full name" attorney dc). From Investigative Group Int in D.C. Yeesh. I can do a little investigating, too, sir, so I'd like to say a hearty hello to my future (non)employer and/or stalker. Hope you enjoyed your stay.

Second - Did you see the big DCist Exposed announcement
today? I couldn't be more excited if I tried. And the big love-fest going on over at Flickr today just warms my frosty little heart. I feel bad that anyone had to be left off that list, there were so many damn good photos, but I do hope everyone makes it out to the reception anyway. I've been looking at all these names and their work for almost a year now, and I'd love to put faces to them finally.

One of the things I love most about this project - and about all the photos submitted to DCist everyday - is how it can open your eyes to the city in such new ways. I saw this great photo by jennverr in the Exposed pool, then walked to work the next day and realized I walk by this door every single day and never noticed it. Now I see it, and it makes my walk through the city that much more interesting.

Also, I'm just thrilled that this is all coming together and that people seem as excited about it as I am. I love organizing projects, though when I get excited about something I want to do everything NOW, which, though it may be helpful at times - such as getting the announcement out almost a week early - probably drives my colleagues a little nuts with my hands-on-ed-ness. Nevertheless, it's all coming together beautifully, and people are already asking me if there will be another show after this one. With all the enthusiasm for this show, I sure hope this will continue on, but that's getting ahead of ourselves. First we have to avoid any catastrophes on the way to the gallery. March 9! Mark your calendar!


At 1:44 PM, January 31, 2007, Anonymous roonie said...

Sugar, go through your posts and take your last name off the blog. That freaked me out that someone found you that way.

Then again, I am always searching different ways to find my blog via my real identity. I'm sort of obsessed with that, and obsessed with eradicating those ways.

PS - I had a dream about you and the photography contest last night - can you believe that? And then you posted about it! I was going to ask you how it was going! Seems like you had a LOT of awesome submissions. I'm amped for you. A raging success!

At 3:01 PM, January 31, 2007, Blogger Heather said...

actually, my last name doesn't appear anywhere on the blog, i've kept vigilant watch for it. someone left a comment with my full name once, and i deleted it, but that may have been the source of it all. also, i link to dcist all the time with my full name, so there's no real hiding anymore.

regardless, i've always written on TTtC knowing that people i may not want to find it, will. that guy actually contacted me this morning after i outed him, so it's not really a big deal anyway.

and that's funny about the dream! i probably don't need to say again that i'm excited about it...but i am!


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