Saturday, January 27, 2007

In which I step in the path of a bus

So I've sort of been having a killer week, and I'm starting to worry that somewhere someone is digging a huge karmic hole I'm inches away from falling into. My knuckles are starting to get bruised from knocking on wood all the time, which seems to be some random superstition I've recently embraced.

Regardless, I feel pretty great right now. I've resisted falling back into my go-to-bed-late, waking-up-is-totally-painful routine, so I get up at 7am feeling refreshed every morning, and even tried to sleep in today but only made it until 8am, which is fine. I brewed some coffee, made some pancakes, watched the news and a little food network, then headed down 14th Street to see the new shows in this ridiculously awesome, sunny weather. After a number of email exchanges, I finally met the new gallery owner down the street, who gave me a peek at what they've got in store there. Then I got a couple housekeys made to replace the one I lost in India and went to the grocery store, so I actually have food to eat in the house now (and immediately resorted to ice cream, which I'm eating now). Hmm, this blog post is starting to sound like a Kafka biography. Without the Kafka-esque-ness.

I've got India Week Three up for you on Flickr, and started a Best of India set for my favorites, and for those of you with shorter attention spans, though that one won't be complete until I get week four up soon.


At 6:04 PM, January 27, 2007, Anonymous sandy schwab said...

As long as you don't undergo a mysterious metamorphosis into a bug ...


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