Thursday, January 18, 2007

The Long Walk Home

My trip to India is unofficially over. I'm in Bangalore again, having just got in from Delhi this morning, and am now trying to fill about 20 hours before I have to head back to the airport. I decided not to waste another Rs. 1000 on a hotel room for only a few hours tonight, so I'm just going to crash on some comfy airport chairs somewhere til my 6am flight. Good times. Unfortunatly, I can't afford to do anything today, or even look at things that cost money (though I put a few rupees aside to internet part of the day away, since that's cheap living over here), so I just took a cheap taxi to a block I'm familiar with to blog and read at the coffee shops for a little while, before the break in my three day trek back home is over.

I sent the postcards from Delhi yesterday, and although they only cost me a meager $2 to purchase and mail all of them, I hope you all appreciate that it nearly cost my life licking all those stamps in the post office for you guys, ick.

Since I don't have anything new to report, I bring you what is bound to be one of many retrospectives on my trip here.

Things I Learned in India, Part I:

1. The towers of the Taj Mahal lean 3 degrees outwards, so that if they're damaged in an earthquake they'll fall outwards onto the gardens, instead of on the building.

2. Trying to use the 500 rupee bills that come out of the ATMs here is like trying to use a $20 bill at the 7-11 on 12th and U: it ain't happening. However, yelling, "Well, I don't know how you expect me to tip you," always results in someone "suddenly discovering" change.

3. It seems that I don't grow hair on my calves. Strange.

4. Either using shampoo to get small stains out of my pants was a poor idea because it left bleached spots...or my pants are REALLY dirty.

5. Angry camels are terrifying.

6. Always take advantage of Blogger's "save as draft" feature, because you will inevitably be just about to move your mouse pointer over "publish" when the power goes out on the entire block. To wit: I'm rewriting this entire post from last night.

7. There's not enough lotion in the world to make up for India's hard water.

8. It's great to experiment with new foods. But if you're asked to drink something that someone claims is their "favorite drink ever" and it tastes like whole buttermilk, putrid fish water, and something that died in an alley, you don't have to keep "trying" until someone puts her glass down and says, "Wait, don't drink that, it's gone bad."

9. Oh, and speaking of things to see on the way to Jaipur, there's also a giant Frozen Sperm Bank on that road. In the middle of the desert. In a village where I couldn't find an ATM. I swear it must be using half the energy in Rajasthan to keep those little guys alive.

10. Eating three huge meals a day in India will eventually lead you to pack on a few pounds. But they'll be DELICIOUS POUNDS.


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