Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Upon returning

Going away is nice, of course. Get away from work for awhile, the boredom of everyday life, or even just some random crappy situation you want some space from. But sometimes coming home is even nicer. While I was getting warm in the front seat of the Super Shuttle van on Saturday, watching the approach of D.C. street signage I thought, "Ah, it's nice to be home." My friends called and came over with messages of welcome return. My bed was sitting there looking all comfy and familiar. My shower: clean and hot.

I've been walking to work, remembering how much I like my neighborhood, even if people do seem to get shot and stabbed all the time. The new condos they've been working on FORever next to the travel bookstore look like they're almost finished, and pleasantly, have kept the same facade as the rest of the block, instead of looking like some chrome and glass monstrosity. The 100% Mexico art store closed up shop, which is kind of sad, but I honestly don't know how they stayed open as long as they did. I haven't been to Solly's yet, but I hear they got a write-up in the Post and are now inundated with assholes, so, that sucks, but I'm not letting anyone take the first bar where everyone knows my name that easily.

Speaking of drinking, it's unfortunate I didn't realize that severe jetlag brought on by a month on the other side of the world + four straight days of traveling combined with a few beers will cause exactly the same result as being slipped a roofie, but not much I can do about that now. So aside from one shitty experience, it's been really wonderful coming back. I mostly feel like I haven't been gone at all - especially since it was over the holidays and a lot of people were gone for a week or two as well. But sometimes things make me smile, like this attorney who works on my floor. I've never actually met him, don't know his name, but I pass him in the hallway a few times a week and we always say hello. Yesterday we passed each other and he smiled and said, "Welcome back!" I can't believe he even realized I was gone, but it was really nice.

On top of that, I got some interesting and potentially really good news yesterday, but I don't want to share it quite yet for fear of the jinx. And if it ends up happening, I may celebrate by finally investing in some art I've been coveting for awhile. Because, you see, I've got this wall in my room that's just screaming for it. But first things first. And speaking of art, I've got dates lined up with a slew of shows this Saturday, and a walk-through at City Hall soon, because I'm raring to jump back into things. Once I get writing again, I'm going to try to figure out how to put this India story into something digestable for some magazine somewhere. It's a little tough to whittle it down, but I think I need to focus on small parts of it, or very narrow themes, and see what kind of venues I can peddle it to. Any suggestions on that front would be appreciated.

Oh, and the other thing I totally missed while away? Long nights at work...yeah.

P.S. Discussing our love for the absurd hilarity that is CSI: Miami earlier today, David sent me this awesome YouTube video, because no one can get enough of Caruso's one-liners.


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