Monday, February 26, 2007

The bachelor life

1) I forgot about this little gem of a conversation that happened at brunch yesterday. Jason arrived and I poured him a cup of coffee:

Me: Cream, sugar?
J: Just cream please.
Me: Um....I don't know why I just offered that. I don't have any cream. Oh, but I might have some milk, is that okay?
J: Yeah, that's cool.
Me: (opens fridge) expired two weeks ago.
(Jason and David start laughing at me)
Me: What's so funny?
J: You know girl, we were worried about you, planning brunches, gettin' all domestic. But you're still one of us.

2) Heroes, I still love ya, but must you so seriously test my suspension of belief? (spoiler alert!) Claire and Nuclear Man recreate the final scene of X-Men III, and so Claire comes out of the house pulling her little Wolverine "watch me grow my skin over my tendons over my muscles over my bones." But c'mon. Her full head of curled blonde hair? And her skin grows back dirty. Dirty?! Whatever, sigh. Also, what's with commercials every three minutes? Are we taking cues from soap operas now?

3) Hello employers! Couple of hits from my firm after I left today. Direct hits, too, no referral. That's always a good sign. Browse around! Take a gander. I don't talk shop, don't worry.

4) The Black Donnelleys? I can't say I'm sad to see Studio 60 on "hiatus," but do I really need another everyone-dies-depressing-drama? Where are my sunshine and ponies? Wasn't my suffering through Babel enough? I've given you over four hours of my life, Haggis, now you want a full season? My first born? I'LL GIVE YOU THE HEAD OF MARTIN SCORSESE, JUST MAKE IT STOP. And bring me a sparkly pony.

5) Please, please, please come over and eat this cheesecake. My belts only have so many notches, people.


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