Saturday, February 17, 2007

Happy New Year

Sylvie tells me the Vietnamese new lunar year starts tonight at midnight. Apropos, since I had a long conversation today about starting anew, wiping the slate clean and all that. I've blogged already about the shitty couple of weeks I've been having - and actually that's not quite accurate. They've been more like super swinging pendulum weeks, where one great thing careens backward into some awful event, and then back over to some amazing thing, and whoa, someone get me off this ride. It's all a little too much drama for me, and I happily took this day off and did absolutely nothing. I got up at 10:30 and quite literally spent the entire day on the couch watching the Food Network and various Bollywood movies that I brought back with me. It was fantastic.

And yes, I need my year to rewind and start over, but since it's not going to do that, I'm going to use today's new year instead. Anyway, I'm tired of complaining, and who wants to hear all that anyway? I was thinking recently, too, that a lot of these good things that have happened, I feel like I haven't really worked for, they just fell into my lap and I swept them up happily. But I've been pretty lazy since I've been back, both physically, at my job, and even in my relationships with family and friends. Laziness almost inherently makes me unhappy. So, New Year, I'm taking today to recollect my thoughts, tomorrow to organize my house and bills and some other things, and Monday, I hope, I'll have some renewed energy. The ice and my inability to warm up have prevented me from doing much walking to and from work, but I'm going to suck it up and get out there next week, and start doing my crunches and weights again. I don't think I've gained weight, but I've definitely lost muscle, and feel kind of gross. When I'm trying to sleep, I think how great it would have felt to have gone running that day. I can't wait for spring, because I'm starting to itch, almost literally, for some real movement.

Same for my job. It may really, really depress me, but it's what I've got right now, and even though whatever I do may be boring as hell, I'll still feel better if I'm doing it all with, you know, gusto or something. There is the slim possibility they may be hiring me on permanently, but there is red tape a mile long, which is beating down my enthusiasm a little bit. Nevertheless, it's something to work towards, even if it ends up falling through. Along the same lines, I've really been meaning to write up my India experiences into something marketable, but I've been letting that slide. Today I emailed a contact in the travel writing industry who's info a friend gave me, and tomorrow I'm going to start thinking seriously about how to focus my memories into something legible.

So, that was your housecleaning, Dear Diary post for the day. I may be all out of monkey stories, but by Monday I assure you I shall be back to my anecdotal, quippy self.


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