Monday, February 19, 2007

I would have fled to Canada

Wow, it was totally awesome sliding all the way down 14th Street to work today. It goes almost straight downhill near my house, next to an empty lot, which of course means no one shoveled the sidewalk, so it's literally an ice slide. Instead, I decided to walk in the cleared street - you know, next to oncoming Metro buses. I really can't imagine how all these bus-pedestrian accidents are happening recently.

The best part is - my firm is closed today! But President's Day is not a paid holiday for me, so I get to hang out and...I don't know, maybe I'll continue my organizing kick and get this office cleaned.

So I get online this morning, and who do I see but the infamous Quinn, who had disappeared off the face of the planet for quite sometime. Actually just moving offices, but still. We got a little time to catch up, but since I really haven't talked to him since I got back from India, I just said,

Me: "It's actually been a really crappy couple of weeks, but I'm determined that they're over now! So let us not speak of it."
Q: "what? just a word: work, guy, roommie?"
Me: "yes...and much more." and eventually ended up going through the whole thing, from my awful trip last weekend, to my grandpa being in the hospital with what we feared was something very serious and me being all freaked out thinking I was going to have to book a flight home to say goodbye or something (he's okay, whew...but I just got all stressed out again just typing that out), and all the other little whacked-out things that happened in addition and/or as a result of me being super-stressed out...
Q: "mouth agape. what did you do?"
me: "naturally, I hibernated all weekend and cleaned."
Q: "I would have fled to Canada."

Heh. Which, in retrospect, wouldn't have been a bad option. At least, I bet they know how to salt the sidewalks there. However, it is a new day, a new week and a new year, and I am going to buy my new phone in an hour, which, of course, is going to have a clean slate of its own. I'm off to organize!

P.S. Is it weird that I mostly really, really hate Clap Your Hands Say Yeah, but am listening to Heavy Metal on repeat?

Update: SEE!


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