Thursday, February 15, 2007

Stand clear!

No really, stand clear. Remember that karmic hole I told you I must have been digging, with all the good things happening to me? Right. I seem to have found it. I think David said it best, when I was telling him about the spectacularly asshole move I pulled last night:

David: have you ever gone crazy before
I had a season like that once
where everything I did was just the wrong thing

I think that pretty much sums it up. Ever since I've been back from India I have managed to say or do the wrong thing just about every time I'm given the option. It's like some magnificent talent I've developed. And when I'm not actually knocking down all my dominoes myself, I amazingly seem to be in the wrong place at exactly the wrong time to watch things implode without my help. And in the few weeks I've been back I've managed to lose or misplace two scarves, a sweater, and as of last night, my cell phone. Though I think the phone is at Solly's, unless it fell out of my pocket during my amazing ice fall that I totally predicted would happen on my way home last night. To be fair, David told me this morning he ate it in exactly the same spot after he dropped me off. So that one's not just me, but I do have a lovely bruise on my hip to show for it anyway.

I'd say that maybe I should sit in my room for a couple of weeks until this passes, but with my luck I'd fall and break my bedroom window and freeze to death. And there is Unbuckled tonight. Who wants to bet I trip over a stray wire and accidentally burn DC9 to the ground? Anyone? C'mon, I'm giving you great odds here!


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