Sunday, March 18, 2007


Here I am, blogging in the living room. It's really gray and a little chilly outside, and my mom and her friend are cooking salmon tacos in the kitchen, none of which I get to eat (but I am the official "is there too much mayonnaise in this" tester), and I IM'd David but he's been talking about basketball for the last ten minutes without pausing, so, here I am, blogging. I kind of messed up my plane ride back to DC - I booked it for 11:30am, which seemed reasonable, except I forgot I'll have to be there at around 10am, which means I'd have to leave at 9am, but that's rush hour, so really, I need to allow an extra two hours for the bumper to bumper traffic. So I have to get up at 6am, and won't touch down in DC until 10:30pm. Home? Almost midnight. So goes Monday.

Oh well! A co-worker emailed me yesterday to say there's a big spiel on the firm's intranet about me and my background and how I was just hired. Yay. I celebrated, not by blogging, but by buying the dress I blogged about, without the wings. The non-wing kind comes in teal blue. And secondly, I blew the rest of my celebration money on a 20" version of this print, which was in DCist Exposed, but I wanted a bigger one. I already have the wall picked out.

The rest of my money will be going towards, apparently, health insurance, life insurance, AD&D insurance, vision & dental insurance, retirement investment plans, and whatever the hell else was in that huge, incomprehensible benefits package I just read. They also want me to apply for a new credit card. Not cool. And I lose all the vacation time I just earned by working 2000 hours for my temp agency. But! Still, I have a real job. Arish emailed me yesterday to say "you pretty much went against all the 'conventional wisdom' that has been pushed on us since the day we walked through the doors of wcl. awesome!" I'm not sure if that's true or not, or at least, whether it was intentional or not, but well, whatever. It all seems to be a crap shoot anyway. They need to put that in the law school brochures.


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