Sunday, March 25, 2007

Garden Go!

Sylvie, Donna and I took a zipcar truck to good ol' Home Depot this afternoon. You'd think that after all the hard work (and money) I put into last year's garden, nearly losing my fingers and spending days so sore from squatting I could barely move, that I'd be upset at having left it behind only to start from scratch this season. Not really. It was certainly the journey and not the satisfaction at having completed such a big project that was the fun of it all. In fact, I really started to neglect the poor bastard towards late July, when there was nothing to do but water it and occasionally trim the monster tomato plants.

The only unfortunate part about leaving the garden is that my new place doesn't really have a plot I can use. We have grass in the front yard, though there is a strip on the border where I'm going to put some flowers and try to cultivate a morning glory vine onto the fence. There's also another small strip where I'm going to attempt the massive gamble of blueberry bushes (which I bought today).

In the back there's zippo, so I have a major challenge this year: container gardens. I bought a couple of plain-looking long boxes, but have decided to get myself a collection of colorful, kitschy pots to grow herbs and various flowers in. There was some TJ Maxx-ish store next to HD where I picked up some pretty ceramic plates, large brightly colored mixing bowls and some other random stuff, like a cool metal jug, that I'm going to use as planters. I picked up a variety of bulbs, seeds, a couple of herb starters - though apparently we went too early in the season, so HD was pretty bare still. That's fine, I got plenty of dirt, so I can get my pots all started and work with the seeds, then go back in a month and pick up the rest of my plants (must have jalapeno plant). I was hoping to get started tonight, but man, I'm totally beat. I'm crossing my fingers for a slow week so I can come home and get those herb starters planted before they wither.

On another note, is anyone else having trouble with sitemeter? It's not picking up my visitors today, though people are telling me they've been to the site. Also, someone seems to be google bombing me through a "corset" search, which, if that's really what's happening, would be kind of awesome.


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