Friday, March 02, 2007

I'll miss Peter though.

My friend and fellow Heroes lover, Nina, just forwarded me this in an email with the subject line: HOLY CRAP THEY ARE GENIUSES

From the creator: "Volume One comes to a conclusion at the end of episode 23, and Volume Two starts with the opening of season two. And Volume Two is a different story. We could have new people and new storylines and new ideas and new threats and new bad guys and new heroes. So I would prepare the audience for that idea, that it's not just a continuing serialized storyline about only these people. It's a little more the '24' model than the 'Lost' model."


My response was that I'm not sure what to think of that quite yet, but if it's done by these guys, I'm pretty sure I'll love it. Despite a few not TOTALLY AMAZING episodes, it's been, well, amazing so far, and I think they'll only do the overarching theme justice by not getting too bogged down in the lives of the 10+ people starring in the show so far. If there's anything the writers have proven, it's that they can handle fresh faces and new story lines with absolute ease.

Oh man, is it Monday yet??


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