Friday, March 02, 2007

medical mysteries!

There is a strange phenomena going on with my leg. As far as I can tell, this began on the plane ride back from India. Over the course of the 8000 hour journey, I was shifting around and felt something strange on the top of my left thigh: a baseball size dent. Seriously. I tried to remember getting hit with something, or just anything that would have caused such a thing, but no. And with all the time I spent sitting in cars with my hands in my lap, I can't imagine I wouldn't have noticed it before.

It didn't hurt, it wasn't bruised. It was just a dent about three inches in diameter and maybe 1/3 to 1/2 inch deep. Over the past month and a half, it hasn't grown, shrunk, gotten deeper or shallower, or started to hurt. It's just there like a divot on the golf course.

It finally occurred to me that I usually get my bc shot in my thigh, right where it's located. What else could it possibly be, right? I had to go get my seasonal shot yesterday so I asked the doc. At first she said, "Oh a dimple? Yeah, some women are reporting that." And I was sort of happy that at least it wasn't some under-flesh eating bacteria that was simply hibernating. She asked to see it and I got the famous doctor face-drop and "oh." Apparently, the "dimples" women are getting are tiny little things, not the ginormous meteor crater impact I seem to have going on.

So she looked at my chart and we realized (or, I remembered) two things: 1) my last shot in December was in my stomach and 2) the shot in September was in my *right* thigh. There's no record where my June shot was, but even if it was in my left thigh, why would something SUDDENLY appear six months later?

We were both at a loss. She told me she would consult with her colleagues and get back to me, but that I might want to see an internal specialist about it, possibly one that covers "tropical diseases." Omgwtf? This has turned from a curious situation into "see a specialist"? Geez. Have you people seen my health care plan?

I talked to my mother about it, who agrees I should wait to hear back from this doctor before I start seeking out a battery of tests for my new concave features. But, if anyone has heard of this kind of thing before, advice is welcome.


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