Tuesday, March 06, 2007

NBC, Cosmo, you're dead to me.

  • A six week hiatus of Heroes? Did I do something wrong? I'm sorry NBC. I'M SORRY I TAKE IT ALL BACK. Whatever I did to deserve this cruel fate.

  • During a Spiderman 3 preview in the middle of Heroes last night, my roommate walked in the living room, saw the tv and said, "Oh gross!" Um, what? Craigslist, what have you gotten me into?

  • When, exactly, did Forever 21 become the most interesting place to shop in the mall? See, of all the things I have to do in this last week to prepare for DCist Exposed, the most important is finding an outfit to wear Friday, obvs, and since I had to head into the office anyway, I figured I'd swing by Pentagon City on Sunday to see if I could find a cute dress or funky top to wear. Oh ho, not at the mall, my friend. Aside from being terribly boring, the fashion industry seems to be headed on some downward spiral into my worst nightmare. Long gone are the hey-days of the early aughts, when flare legged pants were plentiful and fitted tops all the rage. Starting around late 2005, in some end-run to eliminate hipped girls from the human race, clothing stores filled themselves to the rafters with leggings and flowy tops, and that was only the beginning. Now we've got effing skinny pants, mini-skirts, EMPIRE WAISTS. Listen, I don't ever want children for ONE reason: I HAVE NO DESIRE TO LOOK PREGNANT. (Not really, it's because I hate kids.) But also, I work really, really hard eating lots of crap and relying solely on my metabolism to keep this figure, and I don't need effing j.crew and express and anthropologie telling me I should walk around looking pregnant when I'm not. Even the Go Fug Yourself girls have noticed this weird trend. MAKE IT STOP. I am not, nor have I ever been shaped like a 12 year old boy. Except when I was eight. Which was a very, very long time ago.

  • In other body issues news, I seem to have simultaneously dropped a pants size and gained weight in my ass. I am truly a wonder of science.

  • Last fashion note. Why would someone do this to a dress? The cut and color are awesome - this dress was totally made for me. But angel wings? C'mon guys. Do I look like some flighty, care-free hipster who can afford to spend $200 on a dress I can only get away with wearing at...I don't even know where. [Update: I emailed them and they totally have them without the wings! woot!]

  • How do you spell fun? W-o-r-k-i-n-g-t-i-l-2-A-M-o-n-S-u-n-d-a-y. Wait. No.

  • Had a date Saturday, which is probably NSFBlog, except to say I'm not sure I could unironically date someone who thinks Madhatter is a dive bar. Also, have I now officially dated everyone in this town who seriously studied physics in college? How many of you could there possibly be? I'm starting to see it as a bad, bad, omen.

  • I know I've been abandoning the narrative for these bullet point posts, but I think that actually gives a better indication of what my everyday, totally scattered, pulled in 1000 different directions life has been like lately. So, blog-imitates-life, you see.

  • My tonsils have been swollen since Saturday. Because you know what I really have time for this week? A tonsillectomy. They seem to be doing better though, as long as I keep knocking on this wood.

  • More love! Fishbowl. Gallery Place Living.


    At 2:58 AM, March 08, 2007, Anonymous sylvie said...

    working sucks. I say we give up and move to alaska where we take advantage of the desperate men, rob them of their fisherman fortunes, and retire in mexico where we lay out in the sun all day and eat tacos.

    At 11:45 PM, March 08, 2007, Blogger Heather said...

    Ah yes...it's 11:42pm on thursday and I'm just leaving the office. I love it.

    On the way to work this morning, Granddaddy came over the ipod and sang to me, "the sprinklers that go on at 3am sound like crowds of people asking, 'are you happy what you're doing?'" And I started laughing. Then I cried a little.

    At 3:16 PM, March 09, 2007, Blogger Kelly said...

    I don't care what the mall and the fashion people say. I'm still wearng my boot-cut and flared jeans because, as Stacey and Clinton on What Not To Wear taught us all, they help us hippy girls looked balanced.

    That dress is super cute!


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