Thursday, March 01, 2007

Redeem This

Have you guys checked out that new-ish clothing store on 14th that opened up last fall? I was all happy to have another place to window shop on my way home from work, but I'm dismayed to discover that the windows are the only decent thing about that place. It's like this hyper-hipster-I-wish-there-was-a-DC-Misshapes -because-I-would-totally-rule-that-and-oh-this-would-look-great-with-leggings store. Or something. Almost nothing is remotely wearable, and the things that are cost a zillion dollars. I picked up this tank top that was literally a scrap of fabric with a stenciled design, for the low low price of $98. Sixty dollar t-shirts. But they have birds on them! So, it's worth it. And with twelve items that never change, I'm sure you'll never, ever run into the only other girl in town willing to blow half a months pay on a shirt for dance night at the Black Cat.

Boo. Clearly I'm just going to have to go to Old Navy and pick up some sweatpants and plastic flip-flops and call it a day.

Update: They don't have a web site, they have a MySpace page!! Ha. Of course they do.


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