Saturday, March 03, 2007

Traveling Things

The day I left Bangalore and Chai's family, I went to Mysore with Maisnon. It was the first day when I really went out and saw things, and there was a craft shop next to my hotel where I ended up buying some marble elephants as gifts for people back home. I had the merchant send them to my house, rather than carry them around, but I made what I later realized might have been a huge, stupid, first-timer mistake: I paid in cash. What exactly prevented him from just screwing me? I really hit my head over it, but there was nothing I could do afterwards. So I got back to the states and the damn thing never showed up. I got both the package I mailed home and the carpet that another merchant sold me, both of which were shipped 2-3 weeks after the Mysore crafts. Arg, I got screwed.

But no! It came this week! TWO full months after it was shipped (he obviously shipped it by sea, instead of air). I'm so happy he did not take the opportunity to take advantage of me. Check 'em out:

Mysore Elephants

The big one didn't make it, sadly. They all have another elephant carved inside the body, and the big one actually had an elephant within the elephant within the elephant, and I guess it was just too much. Luckily, I bought four for gifts and one for me, so I'll just keep that one.

Aren't they cute?
Marble Elephant

In other traveling things news, remember my backpack? (Someone clearly linked to that photo besides me, otherwise I have no explanation for 139 views on that thing. Anyone know where?) Well, I just bought it another ticket abroad. It's going to carry Spencer's body armor when he ships off to Iraq tonight. That thing's going to have some more interesting adventures than it had in India, I'm sure. Crazy. Stay safe, Spencer!


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