Friday, April 06, 2007


I had a very "i donwanna do shit" day at work today, so I headed out of there all of half an hour early (knowing full well I'll be in at 9 tomorrow), and walked up 16th so I could grab some cheese and wine on my way home. My roommate's out to her bfs concert, so I put in the last of my Bollywood movies from that last shopping day in India. DHOOM. This is the Fast and the Furious done Indian-style, and it has a song that recurs in the second movie that was out in theaters while I was there, so it was playing in every store I went into. (DHOOM. machale. DHOOM. machale.) Ha, you know what I'm talking about. I had that on my IM tonight and got enough responses to it. Except now I've got subtitles and it seemingly translates to (and this often isn't accurate) "Pump up the rock." Haha. That couldn't be more "America: I Love Your 80's Style" that India seems to love.

Anyway, it's AWESOME, and I've kind of never wanted to simultaneously buy a pair of hot stilettos and combat boots at the same time, but, now. Also, it kind of made me want to stop eating for a little, geez, but we all know that won't happen, heh. So now I've been watching the music video in the credits on repeat for the last half an hour while I coordinate my plans. It's a little bit like Indian porno, or the closest it gets to such a thing. There's even a little bondage! Sort of. And mud wrestling! A little. Anyway. I guess I'm obligated to go dancing now that I'm all ready from watching three hours of this.


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