Monday, April 30, 2007

Or worse, have my thumb over the lens.

Apologies for the format and spelling in that last post. I was sitting on my stoop waiting for the car and emailed that in from my bb while I fumed. Not that I've ever been a very good speller, but typing on that thing has made me care even less.

So just as my morning was going pretty crappy, I get this email from my friend:
I have two huge favors to ask you. The first is [my fiance] and I would like to turn one of your pictures of the taj into our save the date card. Do we have your permission?

The second and this is a big one. We were talking last night, while we were looking at your pictures and planning the wedding and the trip to India and we thought we would ask you to be our wedding photographer. I hate traditional wedding photographs. The pictures are always stuffy and I don't want to stare up dreamily at [my fiance]. But he and I both would like a few pictures of the actual ceremony (maybe a couple of us beforehand) and you are an unconventional, but talented photographer. Just what we want. (For the reception we would just have disposal cameras scattered about- so you can have fun).
Whoa. I should probably give a little backstory. My friend and her fiance, much like myself, both think spending tens of thousands of dollars on a wedding borders on the ridiculous, so they were going to save up a small chunk and instead, do a small civil ceremony and then take some time off work and do some serious traveling. (They're already both well-traveled people.) Inspired by my photos, they decided on India, which was cool enough to begin with for me. Of course, when their parents found this out, they all freaked, and my friends eventually relented and are going to have a very small, casual ceremony at her parent's house early this fall. They're still going to go to India - thus the Save the Date photo.

So anyway, I'm blown away, and a little freaked out. I know she doesn't want serious professional photographs (and she knows I don't have the experience for that), but it's still, you know, her freaking wedding. I mean, what if all my photos suck ass? What if I leave the lens cap on?? I told her I was seriously flattered, but I needed to think about it a little. (Of course I gave her permission to use the Taj photo - how cool will that be to get in the mail??)

I was actually chiding myself the other day for having this long list of things I want to do but keep putting off, including really diving back into photography, and maybe taking a class. So I'd decided I was going to put my head in it this summer...and then I get this email. Maybe a sign? Should I say yes (and force myself to dive back in)? At least, the email was just the thing I needed to read while sitting at work as my brain leaked out my ears.


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