Saturday, April 07, 2007


Ugh. That was a little more wine and vodka than my body needed. And I managed to leave my checkcard at Ben's of all places. At least, I think so, I got some money from the ATM while we were waiting in line, but it's the kind you swipe your card through, so I'm really not sure what I did with it, but the boys at Ben's say they don't have it and nothing's been charged, so I'm wondering if it just fell out of my pocket in Steph's car.

While I was rummaging through my pockets looking for it this morning, I came across a card with a dude's number on it, but for a second I couldn't remember who I'd gotten it from, so I IM'd Steph who reminded me it was from the guy sitting at the table next to us at Ben's, saying, "He was the hipster guy. He looked like he was in a band." HA. Ah, my preppy friends. She's a little bit like your mom, right? He looked like he was in a band. According to his card, he's actually an architect. Well alright, he probably is in a band.

Speaking of which, I kinda want to start an anonymous dating blog. I've racked up so many stories over the past few months, but, you know, I really can't post any of them in the age of google. (And the number of people who google my name every day is just weird. Partly because I'm pretty sure half the time it's the same couple of people doing it over and over every day.) And now with Sylvie giving up dating for Lent and subsequently finding she actually enjoyed that lifestyle more than the three dates a week she used to schedule, we need some good stories to fill the void. You know, it is kind of suspicious that as soon as Sylvie cut off the boys, all the rest of us suddenly started getting dates. She was hogging them all, obvs.


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