Sunday, April 08, 2007

So. Full.

There might be better friends than ones who become obsessed with cooking and force you to come over for eclectic yet delicious piles of food so you can "test" them out, but I'm not sure I've met one. Yesterday I went to work and then a long visit at the hair salon (tamed the mane!) and called Sylvie on my way home.

Sylvie: "Hey, come over for dinner. I'm cooking some Vietnamese fish."
Me: "Sounds good!"
S: "And some baked ziti..."
Me: "Wow, okay."
S: "...and maybe some homemade pizza..."
Me: "...."
S: "And apple tartan for dessert. I saw it on Barefoot Contessa! You have to be my guinea pig!"

Haha. We didn't quite get to the homemade pizza, but my full, full stomach can attest to the deliciousness of the other three items. I told her I'd keep coming over as long as she doesn't start hero-worshipping Bobby Flay or Rachel Ray. Cause I totally have standards when it comes to free food, or something. She's already taken over my bbq plans for the summer, insisting we do all the entertaining at my place while she plans all the menus, and since all I want to do is sit in my backyard, drink beer, and have people cook for me all summer, I think I'm on board.

Speaking of food, I have an out of town friend in DC who's meeting me for brunch in a few minutes; of course when she told me she'd be down here, I did not put two and two together to realize it's friggin Easter, so I'm a little concerned we're either going to wait a million years for a table, or end up going to the gas station for eggs and coming back to my place. Silly holidays.


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