Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Another chance for a good deed

I have probably mentioned my good friend Scott on the blog before; he's just about the only friend I still talk to from high school, and he ran my photography web site until he decided to run for Congress (down with Pombo!).

He does enough good deeds in a week than most of us do over the span of years, and I wanted to take the chance with my tiny, baby-sized microphone here to advertise his current project. Scott and his wife, Jessica, have spent a good deal of time in Africa, building things and discussing jobs with Minister of Technology in at least one country, and right now they're trying to raise money for a new water tank for a Kenyan village that provides clean, sanitary water for an orphanage.

Hawk-like-watchers of TTtC will have noticed the little donation bar I've added to the right-hand column. Scott works with these people a lot - who he met through his run for Congress, but the six degrees he explained to me was a little complicated to repeat here (but this is Caren, the local school principal they're friends with, and this is Tobias, who he quotes on the Pledgie page) - and the entire damn tank costs all of $500. I've already donated my $50 and they've raised just over $300. So, if you'd like to contribute a couple of bucks for this small enterprise that will actually, physically a group of people, click here or on the donation bar.

There's also a "follow-up" function on Pledgie that allows the fundraiser to show how the money was used, and Scott hopes to show us pictures once the tank is installed and working.

(Totally unrelated: I'm on IM with Scott right now bugging him with questions about this, and he mentioned my Spiderman post below and that it reminded him when we all saw Titanic and stood around in the parking lot afterwards totally appalled that we'd just sat through that entire thing. I have to admit, that post-game conversation actually does beat S3, but not by much, after all my friends and I still have email threads going on about it three days later.)


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