Saturday, May 12, 2007

Liberal elitists, indeed

I'll stop harping on the ridiculous clothing industry soon, I promise, but I just stopped by Circle Boutique, which just reopened on 14th, next to Redeem - you remember Redeem? Wannabe Williamsburg? Appropriate placing, I suppose, but I just don't understand who all these people are begging for clothes that make them look chubby, their boobs sag because you can't wear a bra, all for the low, low price of $180 a pop. Grr.

So then I walked past that new yuppie furniture shop that opened up where the old yuppie furniture shop used to be, and saw Tipper Gore's jungle photographs on the walls, Al Gore's book on the coffee table, and the air conditioning blasting out through the double open doors into the street. Ugh. Just what gentrifying 14th Street ordered: rich environmental hypocrites.


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