Tuesday, May 22, 2007

some unanswered questions...

Heroes has certianly claimed it's own space in that very little part of my heart reserved for Really Good TV, and like Buffy, even a bad episode is better than any crap on elsewhere. But, it has to be said, that was a pretty bad episode, relatively speaking.

Did anything happen that we didn't already know was going to happen, either because it was foretold (the downfall of that particular writing device), or because you saw it coming a mile away (the brother flying him into space). Which, by the by, doesn't Peter know how to fly? Can he just not access two powers at once, especially when one is getting away from him? Why did Sylar just stand there when Hiro stabbed him? Talk about anticlimactic. Don't Japanese cubicle workers walk down the hallways and notice time jumpers with swords suddenly appear? (But: "You look badass." "Really??" -- awesome.) When the shapeshifter was knocked unconscious, why did she revert to her babe-form, rather than whatever ugly creature we've been made to assume she looks like?

The writing, I dare say, got a little sappy, too. This has happened in a few episodes, and I think I may need to go identify which writer is at fault for this, but superhero flicks work best when everything is analogized or inferred, not when it's all laid out on an emotional suffering plate (Buffy's Season Five death being one exception).

All in all, it just wasn't very...exciting. Not to mention, they wasted an entire five minutes replaying the end of last week's episode. I was mad enough that this wasn't a two hour event, but then you go whittle down precious time like that? Eh, there were just a lot of misfires here. I'm not too concerned, it was still a great ride, and I like that they gave us a teaser for next season, and even finally pulled that eclipse into the storyline. Except, now they're all fucking blind because YOU CANNOT LOOK INTO AN ECLIPSE PEOPLE. Jesus. Though I do wonder if that's going to be the reason Hiro finally loses the glasses.

Well. Til next season, when we get the fruits of the one spectacular set-up from the finale, the 'boogeyman' Molly can't track "because when I look for him....He sees me." Sweet.


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