Wednesday, June 27, 2007

I know, I know...

Not once, not twice, but four times today I was asked what's up with the blog. I'll be back in July - when freedom reigns not just over America, but also my household, as July 1 is when my roommate gets her ass out of my apartment and I can enjoy it properly, not like at the moment, when I'm listening to her use her screaming-level voice on her cell phone for the last half hour in her bedroom. I keep turning up the TV, so that Modern Marvels: Cheese drowns her out. Cheese, by the way, is both totally awesome and completely revolting. I just saw one that was crusted with the dander and excrement of mites. Yum.


At 5:40 PM, July 03, 2007, Blogger Sandra Schwab said...

Did they also show the cheese with the (living) maggots inside? You have to be real quick about eating it and chew it well, else the maggots might eat you up from the inside.

At 8:16 PM, July 09, 2007, Blogger bekbek said...

I don't miss having a roommate. I actually thought I was done with it for good, but alas... my husband's son moved in with us, and you know what?

Just exactly like having a bad roommate all over again. You know the kind. You have to train them to wash their own dishes. Like a dozen roommates before... ~sigh~

Also, I am experiencing the blog-unenthusiasm. What is there to say? It is summer, my class is over, and I think I should be out dancing.

Go dancing.


At 7:41 PM, July 10, 2007, Anonymous roonie said...

I've also caught a major case of Blog Unenthusiasm. I guess it's the warm weather; I guess too many things are happening that I have no desire to describe to the public-at-large.


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