Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Oh, hi.

Yes, I realize I've been away for awhile. I got this camera, see, and then I got this massive project at work, and then there was beer to drink, and you know how it goes. I've kind of found a new "must reveal my life online" BFF. Flickr, you're great. I mean, I already knew you were great, but really, I kind of love you. Now I can document my life in poorly constructed photographs instead of tedious and rambling anecdotes. Woot!

You want to hear about my Memorial Day weekend? Well, there was Friday, then Saturday, Sunday and Monday. Did you know U Street got its own farmers market? And that I got a new dress? And that my friend, um, called off her wedding, so I won't actually have to learn how to use that new camera I bought (but am obsessed with nonetheless)? Okay, you miss my tedious and rambling anecdotes and want to hear one about homeless people yelling at me? Also: CRABS. Ever wondered what chewing on a testical must be like?

See, Flickr has it all. Don't worry, blog, I'm not actually going anywhere. In fact, I have an announcement to make in which I also need to solict some advice, but that'll be in a post of its own soon. Til then, look at my pictures!!

P.S. Must share two awesome links. 1) Where my nerds at? 2) Send these cards to your friends. This one seems especially appropriate.


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