Monday, September 03, 2007

Human decency isn't for everyone what I told the girl who cut in front of me in line at Bed Bath and Beyond with 300 thousand items. On the plus side, I made my first purchase for my potential new house! A shower curtain! So exciting!

I actually have a sublettor who moved in yesterday and I realized her bathroom had no curtain, so I figured I'd just go out and buy a nice one I could use when I move, since the one in my bathroom is the landlords. It's very nice. Oh, and the hooks are fancy! Fancy hooks!

See, this is why I needed to start the blog up again. I'm pretty sure I've annoyed family, friends, and strangers alike to death over this house thing. It's high time I gave it a yes/no option button (i.e. read the blog. or don't.)

I got an email from my realtor who confirmed the bank-owner wouldn't get back to me until tomorrow, so that's when the fun will start. In the meantime, I'll be saving some money with my new sublettor, a friend of a friend who needs a place to crash for a few months while her boyfriend's condo is being built. It's a little sad not to have the place to myself anymore, but if it gets annoying I'll just have to remember the couple thousand dollars that will go towards whatever new place I end up in. (I see brand new bathroom tile in my future!)

A more impending decision: It's Monday of a three-day weekend, so -- which marathon am I going to watch on tv today??


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