Tuesday, September 11, 2007

My Weekend: A Summary

I had all these short stories ready from my trip to Ohio, but I just worked a 16 hour day and have precious little time to prepare for Kristy's wedding on Friday. So here's my nutshell summary and pretty accurate description of the weekend. (Enjoy photos here.)

For a little background, Meg, Mindy and I used to live together in Columbus after college. This weekend, I stayed with Mindy in her new apartment with her bf, Dylan, of two years (and both loyal TTtC readers, hello!). They're not engaged.

During the first dances --

Mindy (in semi-baby voice): "They stole our song! This was supposed to be *our* song!"
Dylan (in semi-baby voice): "It's not a competition, baby."
Heather (rolling her eyes): "Of course it's a competition."
[Mindy and Dylan both look at me like "But...but..."]
Heather: "Look around! Do you see anyone who's single here?!?"
Mindy (looking around): "Ah...yeah, just...you...."
Heather (looking around for the bartender): "I NEED ANOTHER DRINK"


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