Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Shoe crisis

So I magically found the secret gold pot of dresses on Saturday. Of course, I already had a dress, and was actually looking for shoes to go with it. Instead I bought 4 more dresses (I returned one before I left the mall) and found NO SHOES to match ANY OF THEM. Wtf. Something tells me I need to stick with little black dresses that go with little black heels.

I have all these weddings to go to over the next month and the first one is this weekend. I need shoes now! I bought a pair from Zappos that arrived today. They're surprisingly comfortable (I heart Enzo Angiolini), but they only match one of the dresses, and not the one I wanted to wear this weekend. I'm also worried they're much too fancy for the dress. Sylvie convinced me they were the less fancy of the few I'd picked out, but I think I've come to the realization that she's crazy, cause they're all sparkly and it kind of looks like I'm wearing jeweled shoes with a sundress.

I leave it for you to decide. Forgive my shitty ass terrible pictures. I used my point and shoot on High ISO, both of which were a mistake, and I didn't want to do it over once I'd changed and uploaded them. As for the dress/shoe combo, at this point I'm not shooting for "they totally match" so much as, "eh, yeah, they don't clash, per se."

I also have a pair of brown peep-toes which seem more casual, but also more boring, and they also tend to kill my feet when I walk far in them. To be fair, I only wore them once and walked 10 blocks...which, let's be honest, you just ain't supposed to do in heels.

Here's the second dress. I kind of love it, but it's is all these freakish metallic colors that match NOTHING. The dress itself is a silvery-platinum-browny-bronzish, and the leaves are deep wine, bronze, and all kinds of other weird colors. There is silver, light green, light blue, and bronze beading at the empire waistband. I commend the designer for inexplicably putting all these colors together successfully, but I have no idea what I'm supposed to pair with it. You'd think bronze, but shoes come in all shades of bronze, none of which seem to match the dress. I've tried the Enzo shoes on with the dress, but they're much golder than I thought when I saw them online, and definitely don't match. Though naturally, the fancy-ness matches. I can't win.

To make matters worse, the first wedding is the fancier of the two (the second wedding is much more casual -- it's the one I'm photographing!), so I really wanted to wear this second dress this weekend. Fashionistas, tell me what to do, and/or point me to something I can buy online and overnight ship to myself.


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