Monday, September 24, 2007

Wells Fargo: You Hateful Tease!

In case you were wondering, NO, I haven't heard about the house yet. I finally had to send my realtor a note that I felt the bank's listing agent was doing a piss-poor job and needed to be told as much. I get that the bank is a busy busy bureaucracy, but it's the listing agent's job to make sure the bank responds to offers. Then I heard nothing from my realtor, so I sent another note to him that it was hard enough waiting over THREE WEEKS to hear about my offer, in a process that should take a few days at most, but what I really didn't need was my realtor abandoning me, too. He responded and apologized, saying he didn't always contact me because there was simply nothing to say. (I told him I wanted to hear that anyway.)

He also said that it's time to put an ultimatum on the bank. A week ago I was hesitant to do that. I mean, I want the house, but what if the bank simply never responds? But now? Fucking forget it. They clearly need a kick in the ass or this is just gonna go on forever. So today my realtor told him I'm withdrawing the offer Tuesday night.

Today I got an email from him around 11am saying, "Stay tuned for an update this afternoon!"

The update, apparently, being that everyone is too busy to update me. Sigh.


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